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Whiting Fire Relief


Although we are thankful to those of you that have celebrated the joy of our announcement, we have some friends that need the support even more. The following post is from my husband:

My high school friend, McKenzie and her husband, Colton lost their home and all worldy possessions last night in a fire that completely engulfed their home.

As devastating as that is, it's nearly Christmas and they are having to figure out how to rebuild their lives instead of enjoying their blessings as the holidays approach. The thing that tugs on me is that I was concerned about having to pay for a water bill that was significantly higher than normal this month (despite the fact that it was probably a mistake on the part of the city). To consider something as small as that in the face of losing all the possessions you own, truly puts things into perspective and makes me grateful for everything that I have been given to steward by an amazing God. 

Luckily, things lost were only worldly. Husband and wife and animals are all safe and were never in any danger thanks to God's graciousness. However, that doesn't mean some of their basics are not in need of being taken care of for them. They need new cars, they need new clothes, they need new beds to sleep in, shelter from an increasingly cold winter and to know that God still loves them unconditionally. 

Please consider and pray about your own needs and if you can give and are willing to give. Five dollars for us means far less than it will mean to them at this time. And the goal of their GoFundMe is probably significantly lower than they need to replace everything they just lost. If you are unable to donate, please share this post on social media. 

I want to thank you for being a community willing to love on someone you probably don't know in a time when they need all the love in the world. 

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Baby Bear Coming June 2017

I wanted to stop by and share some happy news with you all. You all have been so supportive with all of the loss and grief we went through with our miscarriage and I am so grateful for that. For those parents still in waiting, we haven't forgotten about you and we continue to pray for your blessing alongside you.

Although we don't plan to share a lot about my pregnancy or the baby publicly, I wanted you all to know that God has answered our prayers and longing, and we are so thankful for everyone that cried, grieved, prayed and celebrated alongside us the last year or so. I am just past the 13 week mark and our due date is very close to my husband's birthday.

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JORD Watches Now Offers Wood Engraving!


Remember when I shared the perfect Father's Day JORD watch earlier this year? Well, I am excited to tell you that JORD is now offering wood engraving, just in time for Christmas!

We decided to get my step-dad an engraved JORD watch for Christmas this year as my husband CONSTANTLY gets compliments on his. We kept it simple and had "Merry Christmas, Andrew. Love, Matt & Cassie" engraved on the back of the Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Smoke and it turned out absolutely perfect. We chose this watch because it is minimal, but still professional and sleek looking. It was an ideal choice for my step-dad who is an engineer and works in the office and on-site. The watch is so versatile that it's great for both settings.

We have been really pleased with the quality of the JORD watches that we have purchased and every time the accessories just seem to get better. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the quality of their products and the durability of these beautiful watches. 

This engraved gift adds a nice personal touch and is only $35. The length of the engraving depends on the watch size, so be sure you select a watch that will fit the message you would like to add. If watch engraving isn't for you, you can also engrave the side of the beautiful wood box that the watch comes in for $45. Act now and order that perfect watch for your family member! Engraving can add extra time to your order, so don't waste any time!

I have some good news. Visit THIS LINK and enter your e-mail for a FREE $25 gift card, just in time for the holiday season!

Don't miss out on the chance to make someone's holiday a little brighter with a custom engraved watch!

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