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So, after yesterday's heavy, controversial post, I figured I would share something a little less touchy. Once a month or so, I will try to share information on a cause that I really believe in.

April's cause is the African Children's Choir, and more specifically, the "Imba Means Sing" film.

In February, on a flight home from a stressful weekend of graduate school interviewing at U Memphis, I met Erin Levin, the producer, and two of her filmmakers. We had a great time just chatting about life in general, God, religion, marriage, Flagstaff, you name it. We also had an opportunity to talk about her film, "Imaba Means Sing."

The independent documentary follows the journey of 20 Ugandan children all over to world as they perform. When I met Erin and her crew, they were headed to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon with the kids. These kids are amazing, they are even Grammy-nominated! If you haven't seen them perform, I suggest checking out this video, they will melt your heart:

African Children's Choir - Lord I Lift Your Name On High from ourgodisforus on GodTube.

"The film follows the children over the year and a half that they spend visiting three countries, more than 100 cities and stay with multitudes of host families along the way. The children have had a vastly different experience growing up in extreme poverty in Africa—many responsible for the care of younger siblings, some of them orphans and all of them unable to afford any consistent, formal education. Yet they are wise and disciplined beyond their years, realizing the enormity of the opportunity they’ve been given and wanting desperately to do a good job. They realize that the stakes are high: their own futures and the futures of their families hang in the balance. At the same time, they are brimming with joy—at the new sights and experiences they are encountering on this grand adventure.

Imba Means Sing highlights the issue of the global education crisis and explores it through the themes of the power of music and dignity across cultures. These extraordinary kids are ambassadors of Africa’s children to the world. There is hope, dignity and potential in each one of them, uniquely."

Erin and her crew are truly passionate about these kids and doing all they can to support them. You can help by donating to the film, or to the African Children's Choir (either through a one time donation or a sponsorship).  

I hope this cause touched your heart as much as it did mine.  

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  1. LOVE those babies! They came to my previous church a few years ago and I'm pretty sure I sobbed through the entire service. Haha! I am going to have to look into that film. Thanks for sharing!


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