Weekend Recap

I know I shared a little bit about my first day in Denver with everyone, but SO much more happened that I'm dying to share. Here are some photos from our BEAUTIFUL drive there through Utah.

Although the first day began with a FABULOUS run, SO much more followed. The day started off with a talk from ROBERT STERNBERG. For those psychology nerds out there, you understand how exciting this is. This was BY FAR the best talk I attended all weekend, he was so fun and witty.

Following his talk I attended some poster sessions, a workshop on how to get published, and another talk by Ron Comer.  It was such a full day, but it ended with some fabulous Mexican food at La Mariposa by our hotel, where we shared a great dinner and margaritas with our fellow NAUers.

Now, the second day was really the best. I started the day with another early morning workout, followed by my poster presentation. This was my first presentation at a professional conference. I was super excited, and it went REALLY well!

 My seriously official name tag. 

The conference program and the page with my poster information on it!

My presentation get-up for the day. 

My finished product!!! I'll spare you my nerd explanation.

After my presentation, I was able to relax a little. We attended a Positive Psychotherapy Workshop put on by some undergraduates. We learned all about the importance of sleep and exercise, flow, character strengths, and savoring our lives.  I can chat about this for DAYS if anyone is actually interested. 

The workshop slide handout. 

The remainder of the afternoon was spent in poster and oral sessions, and at a talk by Tom Greene, an environmental psychologist. NOW the best part of the whole conference was the final hour and a half. SOMEHOW and SOME WAY, for the closing ceremony, we ended up at a table with FOUR of the RMPA's past presidents. I'm not going to list names, but they were BIG names in the field. God was working some sort of miracle there. We all got to share a glass of wine together, and chat about Flagstaff and our interests. I even met the mentor of one of my own mentors, crazy!!!!

After this GREAT closing ceremony, all us NAUers finished off our trip at Bruno's Italian Restaurant in Denver. FIVE STARS!!! So great. 

 My tasty Eggplant Parmesan! AMAZING!

Sunday morning was another early start. We left Denver by 6am and drove all through the day. We were able to stop off in Albuquerque for lunch at a cute little brewery, then it was back on the road. And now-- the week begins!

On a side note, I decided to sign up for the 40 Day Overcome the Lie Challenge. I encourage you all to join me on this journey!
I've also been following along Judah Smith, the author of "Jesus is ______." on his 40 Day Journey. I'm loving this simple, quick devotional. Here is a little sample of that. 


  1. Exciting stuff! I love Overcome The Lie.

    Just stumbled upon your pretty blog and excited to read more. You seem to have such a beautiful heart!!

    Now following ya via GFC :)



    1. Thank you lovely lady! I have been really enjoying your blog as well, such a great inspiration :) I'm really looking forward to OTL!


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