What God is Teaching me in the Following Situations {A LINK UP}

As I have previously mentioned, Matt and I are working through the book, "101 Questions to Ask before You Get Engaged." I would STRONGLY suggest this book to any couples thinking about getting engaged. Some of the questions have been fun, others trivial, and some just downright difficult to answer and discuss. Despite that, this book has really shown me that we are on the same page about so many things that other couples end up having issues around. That right there, shows me just how much God has blessed me with Matt, and confirms that we are right for each other.

One question in particular from this book really stood out to me. Number 36 asks, What has God taught you in the following situations in your life: failure, pain, waiting, not having enough money, facing disappointment, and facing criticism? 

I do not often take the time to sit down and write about what God has taught me, despite the fact that He teaches me something new every single day. That's right, everyday.  So, as I was working through this question, I thought that maybe some of you might like to hear about what God is teaching me in these areas. If not, I hope you will learn something anyways. AND I have decided to make this a link-up! I hope that you will participate and link-up with what God is teaching you in these areas!


God has taught me that failure is OK, and that as Christians, we are expected to fail for it is our nature. Failure is a part of God's plan, and it is meant to help us grow and show us that we absolutely need God's Grace. Failure, in my experience, usually has a positive outcome, although not always immediately. For example, failure may show you that maybe that job you really wanted and didn't get wasn't so great for you after all, or that maybe because you thought you found the right person to spend your life with, God had someone better for you.


Many people wonder, if there is a God, why does He let me suffer? At least that is what I used to think before I met Jesus. He has taught me that pain is temporary and it always passes. He has also shown me that so much good can come from pain, similar to what I mentioned above about failure.


God shows me everyday that waiting is SO WORTH IT! Seriously, good things really do come to those who wait.Trust that waiting might not be fun, but it is a part of His wonderful plan for you.

Not having enough money.

God has shown me that the term "enough" needs to be looked at by HIS definition and not my own. That my idea of "enough" is surely different from His. When that is taken into consideration, I can live in confidence that I will always have "enough" of what I need. I can live in confidence that God will provide me with enough money to survive, and although that might not be much, He has thought me that I need to glorify Him for what he has given me. Additionally, I have learned to look at the terms "need" versus "want" very closely.

Facing disappointment.

Jesus has taught me that disappointment is lessened when you put your faith in God, and God solely. He will never disappoint, although His Will might not always make sense at the time. Learning to lessen your expectations of others and just trust in Jesus can make a world of difference.

Facing criticism. 

In terms of facing criticism, He has demonstrated to me that I need to listen, even if I don't like what I am hearing. He has revealed to me that I can't expect to grow if I am not receptive to criticism, and that I need to trust that those giving me criticism are not doing it to hurt me, but instead to help me.

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Friday's Letters

Dear work,  these 50 hour weeks are kicking my butt, but I am so happy to be adding fitness classes to my schedule this season!

Dear boyfriend, thank you SO much for allowing me to adopt this pretty little girl. Her name is Buddah and she will be joining us on our move across the country in August! Until then my mom and step-dad have agreed to take care of her! They have one of her brothers so she is in good company.

Dear body, please help me to reach my goals of 300 miles on my bike and 75 miles running by the end of June!

Dear homemade cutoffs, I am still not exactly sure how I feel about you. Good thing I purchased a few other options for my frister's pin-up themed bachelorette next month. My boyfriend also kindly pointed out these are men's pants. Who cares, they fit me.

Dear car, thank you for your check engine light's presence, especially RIGHT after I step out of the DMV with $70 less in my pocket. I'd also like to thank you for just turning off a week later on your own.

Dear date nights, I desperately need more of you in my life. I turn into a not so nice person when I do not get alone time with my man.

Dear Andrew, happy birthday! I am excited to spend the day hiking with you and my mom.

Dear bras, I have not been missing you one bit.

Dear Columbia, MO and MIZZOU, I can't wait to be near to you. I am praying we find the perfect house to start our little life in!

Dear God, thank you for reminding me to enjoy the details, and to trust in your timing. Also, watch over Matt and I as we start this new blog together, help us find the right words to say.



Letting Go.

Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go


Letting go. Something I am completely terrible at. Being a control freak, I have a really hard time just letting go, or "letting God." I tend to want to know how, when, where and why everything will happen. If things do not go as planned, I can get pretty anxious. So, overall, I suck at letting go.

Since I met Jesus, the whole letting go thing has been a lot easier for me. Although learning to trust Him has not been easy, it very quickly relieves the anxiety I feel about not being in control of things, and allows me to live more freely. Words cannot explain how much God has worked in this area of my life. My anxieties surrounding control have become SO much better in the past year and a half or so, although it is still a work in progress. 

AND, I am beyond excited to announce that Matt and I are starting a couples blog. This will be a place for us to share our experiences as we move to Missouri together. It will also be a faith-based blog that details our walk with Christ as a couple, but we will also offer practical advice with the hopes that we will reach couples going through similar situations. Stay tuned!


Lady Parts

That's right.. lady parts. All of my male readers might just want to sit this one out, unless you are really interested in bra-talk. 

SO, lets talk bras. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Kristyn's post about what bras do [or do not do] for our health (Kristyn also talks why this French researcher's argument might be somewhat flawed, and I completely agree with her points). She discusses a French study that demonstrates bras are MORE likely to cause sagging. This is due to the fact that bras prevent breast tissue and muscles from developing as strongly and fully as they might otherwise do if we just let gravity do its thang, thus leading to sagging. If you know anything about me, I was pretty stoked to hear this, as I would totally go bra-less everyday if it were more acceptable. Thankfully I have fairly small breasts, so this is easier for me than those more full-chested ladies.

Although I was stoked about this finding, it does not automatically make me feel more comfortable about going bra-less all the time. I mostly worry about what others might think if they realize I am not wearing a bra. Which got me to thinking, why should it matter so much? If I am comfortable and still being modest, I see no reason to wear a bra everyday. Sadly, in Kristyn's words, "society...tells us cleavage and push-up are hot and nipples are not."

So, I am sticking it to society, at least when I can. After talking with Kristyn a bit about alternatives, I have decided that built-in bras and sports bras are the best option for me when I do not feel totally comfortable going completely commando up top. Bandeau's are also a viable alternative for certain types of tops. 

I am happy to say that the past two days I have not worn a bra to work. Although this is somewhat easier to pull off at my job because I work in a recreation department and I also teach fitness classes (so built in bras and sports bras are a regular choice for me), it can still be awkward some days. BUT, I am going to try and go bra-less more often for MY sake [and for my wallet's sake]. 

My FAVORITE part of Kristyn's post was the following statement: "i feel that God gave us these feminine bodies, and we have no reason to be ashamed of any part of them. if we are rooted in modesty, we should not feel a reason to hide or feel uncomfortable about how our bodies look naturally in clothing without bras. personally, i believe wearing one or not wearing one doesn't make me immodest, and i should make the choice that benefits me most in health, both physically and mentally."


Thanks Kristyn for the inspiration! What does everyone think about this topic? Would you feel comfortable going bra-less, or not? Why? I would love to hear your opinions.


Love Story: Chapter 2

Read Chapter 1, HERE.

After our trip to the Grand Canyon, things moved along slowly but surely. M was the first guy to actually ever "court" me and take me on real, pick you up at your door with a rose, date. I remember thinking to myself, "Cassie, this is too good to be true, don't get your hopes up."

As things progressed, we talked about the religion topic quite a bit. We simply agreed to be open-minded with each other. Although M wasn't quite convinced yet, I knew pretty quick that I had a seriously great thing going. We were always completely open about our wants and needs, and where we saw ourselves going in the coming years. Mine was graduate school, his was marriage and a family. Needless to say, I was terrified because graduate school had always been my goal, and I always told everyone I would not be married until I was thirty.

 Although we got pretty serious from the beginning, I am glad we did because we dealt with a lot of things that could have been issues later on very early in our relationship. We just worked together, we got along like we had been friends for years. I remember constantly bragging to my best friend about him.

Things were going pretty smoothly for the first few months, we went on a TEN day trip together to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Bryce. It was an absolute blast. We also went to a circus and even Disneyland!

After Disneyland, it seemed that out of no where things got weird. A few days before we were supposed to travel to Phoenix for my half marathon, we broke up. I was pretty shattered, angry, sad, you name it. I just remember crying constantly to my mom and best friend. When my dad and brother came to visit, expecting to meet him, I had to explain what had happened. Overall, it was just a rough few days. In short, it came down to religious differences, and at that point just reinforced all the stereotypes I had about Christians.

After my half marathon (which went well, I PR'd by 14 minutes, 1:55!), my dad, brother, and I came back up to Flagstaff. Mind you, I had deleted M from just about every social media source and my phone book, so contact was not happening at all. The next morning we went out to breakfast at I place I rarely went. When we pulled into the parking lot, M's car was there. My stomach dropped to the floor, LITERALLY.

I grew even more anxious when I saw that he was there with a girl, although I knew she was just a friend. We were courteous and said our hellos. My dad kept saying things like, "What a player" and other hilariously incorrect statements that I know he was just using to cheer me up. My brother knew I was pretty upset so he was trying to keep my mind off of it. At one point during the breakfast, I had to get up to use the restroom but I knew that meant walking by them again. At that point, M stopped me and asked if we could get coffee later in the week and talk. I was hesitant at first. I remember telling my brother I wasn't going to do it, and him saying, "yes, you are." And I did.

I'm really glad I listened to my heart on this one. Shortly after this meeting we were spending time together again, really working on our religious differences more consciously this time.

This was in November of 2011, by February 2012 I had found and settled into my own church, despite the fact that I had tried going to M's a few times. It was just a better fit for me and I felt so at home. Before I knew it I was going every Sunday. At this point I really loved it, but I still felt like I was just "going through the motions" and not really KNOWING Jesus yet (that did not occur until Scotland, which I will touch on in another chapter). M probably did not know it at this point, but my heart really was changing, despite the fact that I was pretty convinced I would NEVER be a church-goer.

Around this same time, M had decided he was going to take a job in Florida with a Boy Scout Camp. Needless to say, I was terrified.  I had a terrible experience with long distance relationships in the past, and I really did not want to go down that road again. We talked and talked about whether to stay together or not, weighing our options back and forth. We eventually decided to stay together since the job was only seasonal. Long story short, after we went through the really emotional task of deciding where our relationship was going, he turned down the job and decided to stay. I remember him saying something along the line of, "It just doesn't feel right." Now, looking back on it, I know God was working to keep us together.

A few months later, I got my study abroad placement I had applied for back in January. I had always wanted to study abroad, and I knew that I would never let anything stop me. I had let people stop me from doing the things I wanted in the past, and I told myself, never again. I was pretty open with M about this from the time I decided I wanted to start applying, and he was always really supportive. That was something I did not ever receive from my ex, so it was really refreshing and encouraging. He knew I really wanted to go, and despite the fact that he probably did not want me to leave, he continued to encourage me. Again, we were back in a place where we were deciding where our relationship would go, except this time, it wasn't about staying together or not, it was about whether or not we were ready to take our relationship to the next step...

Read Chapter 3


Edinburgh, Scotland

Honestly, I have been avoiding writing a post about my study abroad adventures because it is impossible to just write one. BUT, after encouragement from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite bloggers, Katie (I seriously ADORE this girl, I bet you will too!), I am going to post a few of m favorite photo snippets JUST about my time in Edinburgh, despite the fact that I saw several countries in that short time. If you would like to learn more about that, check out my horrible study abroad blog, HERE. OR if I actually spark someone's interest, let me know and I would be happy to blog more about Scotland or the many places I visited while abroad (such as: Norway, Holland, Ireland, etc).

Where I lived. 

I was seriously SO blessed with the location of my flat. We were right across from "The Meadows" in the Bruntsfield area of town. The Meadows had acres and acres of grass and paved walking/running trails. I did a lot of running in this area. Our flat was also RIGHT next door to the oldest pub in town, The Golf Tavern, and a beautiful old church.

The amazing church I lived a few doors down from. 
A view of the Meadows and Arthur's Seat at sunset, FROM MY WINDOW! I had such an amazing view. It kept me sane some days.

What I ate.

I basically ate EVERYTHING while I was there. I wasn't counting calories. Although I tried traditional dishes such as haggis and blood sausage, I absolutely loved their salmon.

The first meal I had after traveling nearly 24 hours and arriving in Scotland all by myself. A salmon panini with a latte. This cafe became one of my favorite places.
I'm not a huge meat eater, but this angus beef burger from the Saturday's farmers market was TO DIE FOR.

What I did.  

I went to Scotland really not wanting to say no to new experiences. I did a fairly good job of this if I do say so myself. I had a lot of firsts while abroad. 

Went to a rugby game with all of my flatmates.
Hiked Arthur's Seat in the rain, which was SO worth the rainbow I got a picture with. You can see a huge part of Edinburgh from up there, all the way out to the coast.
HARRY POTTER TOUR! This was a FREE tour that took us around Edinburgh to show us many of J.K. Rowling's inspirations. She started writing the series in Edinburgh and still has a home on the outskirts.
Danced with the locals on the Isle of Skye.
Ran out to Portobello Beach.
Attended numerous Ceilidhs, traditional Scottish dance parties. Danced my butt off too! I also learned how to pronounce Ceilidh right hahaha...
I participated in numerous races. This one was from the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest 10K and obstacle course!
Went whiskey tasting at a distillery.

Went on underground tours of the tunnels below the city. It is one of the most haunted cities in the world!
Acted like a goofball with my friends at an old castle. 

What I saw. 

 It is impossible to go to Scotland and not be amazed on a daily basis by the things you see. The history is so rich, and the land is so beauitful. 

Numerous historical landmarks.
Saw the Phantom of the Opera! Excuse my see-through dress. 
Loch Ness. No Nessie sightings though.
The Isle of Skye. Simply one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.
Pandas! Yes, we saw pandas. We even got featured in a video with them, which now makes me want to cry because I miss my friends so much. Although we had no idea what it was about at the time, the program is actually pretty awesome, if you have a few minutes definitely watch the video!
Faerie Glen! If you have seen "Brave" you know all about this. It was magical, literally. Such peace comes over you when you enter it.
The Edinburgh Castle. The castle sits on a hill in the center of the city, if you ever get lost (which you will), it is a perfect point of reference.
The Christmas parade and market. Seriously, I cannot express how amazing it was to be there during the Christmas season. Princes Street is so decorated and lively with the German Christmas Market. There is even an ice-rink in the park like Times Square! This blow up Santa was incredibly creepy, but he was wearing a kilt so that made it all OK.

 The botanical gardens.

MUMFORD AND SONS IN GLASGOW. I also saw the amazing Bon Iver.

A Scottish "snow."
Castles upon castles. Who can guess what movie this castle is from?!

Who I met. 

I am so incredibly lucky to have met some of the people I met. Although I won't post them all here since they are in many of the photos above, each of these individuals played a part in making my experience so enjoyable.

My main squeeze Kira.
Hairy Coo.
Maddie and Dan. Dan was a traveler from Seattle I met through Couchsurfers. We all decided to go out to St. Andrew's one day, where we did handstands on the beach. Such a great memory. These two were also instrumental in growing my faith while I was there. God gives you the people you need, always.

I had the privlege of celebrating my 22nd birthday while abroad. These guys, from three different countries, helped me celebrate in their native tongues, and with chocolate kisses. Chocolate kisses, or "Schokokuss" in German, are AMAZING. Daniel (the German in the middle) tried to find me some for my birthday but couldn't find any, so instead they did this. This made me so happy, my birthday fell right after graduate school application were all do so it was a great time and thanks to all my wonderful friends it was so unique!

I hope this gave you all a look into my time in Edinburgh. It truly is an amazing city and I left a part of myself there. I LOVE to talk about it, so ask away if you have questions!


I am Flawed.

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits.

I have, admittedly, been a horrible participant in the Blog Everyday in May challenge. I just feel as if I have really had great content to share, and I did not want to put that on hold. Although today I was going to post something different, I saw the topic and felt it was absolutely necessary to write this post.

Why, you might ask, was it SO important for me to complete this post? Well, simply because I think social media gives a skewed image of our lives. Although I try to be as real as possible on this little space, sometimes I am scared to blog about the negative, or do not want to dwell on less than perfect things in my life, so I skip over them. I do not exactly see this changing anytime soon, but I do find it necessary to share the not-so-perfect aspects of myself with you all sometimes, like now. 

So, here are my top three worst traits:

1. I lose sight of God DAILY. Seriously. Although there are days I just feel His love all around me, embracing me and encouraging me, there are also times throughout those same days that I feel no connection with Him, that I question whether or not He is with me. This happens more often when I have crazy busy days, probably because my quiet time is the first thing to go. On days I lose sight of Him, I am not a nice person. I NEED His grace, because without Him I am lost. I have to constantly remind myself that He is with me, even when things get crazy. I admire those women that can live the majority of their days praying and listening to God's guidance, I need more of that in my life. 

2. I am terribly moody. Sometimes I wonder if I am bipolar because I can wake up so happy and ten minutes later just be irritated or upset or mad. Sometimes I feel like I can't even control it, which is a joke because I can and I refuse to use excuses for my behavior because there are none. These mood swings end up coming out on my loved ones, and there is no excuse for that either. I pray on this one a lot.

3. I have really limited patience at times. I think it comes down to me wanting to be a control freak and have a plan for everything. I get frustrated at silly things like being asked to repeat myself or being given the infamous "let's talk about this later." Although I know I am getting better at this, I still have a LOT of work to do.

That's all friends. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from my worst traits! 


Liebster Award & Other Ramblings (including the giveaway WINNER).

Someone needs to call the blog police on this post, because it is going to be a mess. Consider this your warning.  Before I proceed, check out the guest post I did over HERE yesterday!

SO, first of all, after a WONDERFUL day off with my man cycling through the city (if you follow me on instagram, you know we have been doing bike to work week, although we commute often anyways), running errands, hiking, watching a movie, and having dinner with his parents, I am feeling R-E-F-R-E-S-H-E-D. That means I am also feeling ready to FINALLY get caught up on the TWO Liebster Awards I was nominated for (thanks Jess and Francesca), among a few other errands (I am finally getting my car title in my name and I need to go to the doctor to get some weird lump checked out... uhhh)! But first, a few snippets from yesterday. 

Wednesday was free breakfast day for Bike to Work Week. We stopped at a few locations for coffee and other goodies. Matt was really excited, although you can't tell through his man beard.
He ended up in the corner of all my photos yesterday.

Still snow on the peaks in Flagstaff.

Now, on to the Liebster Awards. Well, first, what IS the Liebster Award?! Here is a brief description (modified from a number of explanations I have seen):

The word "Liebster" is German for the word "sweetheart" or "dearest. This originated from a German blogger and is for up-and-coming bloggers with less than 3,000 followers. Basically it is NOT an award that is given by judges and a panel of experts on the subject of blogging, rather it is an award from blogging peers who consider you worth giving an award to for your blogger personality. It is now for bloggers with less than 200 followers who have potential. The main point and why to get excited about it, is that it is an award to share love and build community with other bloggers.

I was genuinely honored and a little surprised to have been nominated at all. Being a new blogger, I am still trying to figure this whole thing out, and it makes me feel great that people are actually READING, let alone, LIKING my posts. So, thank you to those faithful readers who put up with my nonsense. 

After being acknowledged, you should...

1. Acknowledge the blog that nominated you in a post.

2. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created.
3. Tell 11 facts about yourself.

4. List 5 to 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you believe deserve some recognition.

5. Post 11 questions for them to answer.

6. Notify all the bloggers selected that they have been nominated and ask them to pass it on. 

SO, 11 facts about myself. Again, stick with me here, I know I am totally boring, but you MIGHT learn something new. 

1. I can barely go a day without working out. I just makes me feel so alive, and happy. Even on my "days off" I usually do yoga or something to get my heart pumping. 
2.  I recently graduated college and I am entering a Ph.D program in August in Columbia, Missouri. 
3. I have worked at a private golf community the last three years during the summer. This year I am working in recreation and also doing fitness classes! I LOVE my job, although it can be really hard. SERIOUSLY. Tuesday I ran our 5k trail loop ON THE CLOCK. How can you hate your job when you get to work somewhere SUPER beautiful AND get paid to workout?! 
Had to give you a look at this amazing place (even though there is a monsoon in this picture).
4. I was a PROUD atheist about 2 years ago. 
5. I have a crazy family tree. 
6. I really want to adopt someday, hopefully internationally. 
7. I learned American Sign Language in high school and I am SO passionate about it. Sadly, I rarely get to use it these days, but if I ever fail at becoming a Clinical Psychologist, I want to become an interpreter. The language is just SO beautiful. I also hope to teach my kids one day. 
8. I have seven tattoos, most of which I LOVE.  
9. When I met my boyfriend I didn't even want to look at men, seriously. God works in mysterious ways. 
10. I really LOVE food. Seriously. Mostly healthy food, but fried food too. I don't believe in diet restriction or "cheat meals." I believe in listening to your body and feeding it food, mostly plants, and not too much (kudos to anyone who can tell me where that phrase comes from). I eat incredibly healthy but I rarely tell myself "no" when it comes to a glass of wine or ice cream. 
11. I am a complete and total introvert.

I suppose this is the part where I answer the different sets of questions I was asked, so here we go.

Jessica's Questions:

1) When did you first start blogging and why did you decide to become a blogger?
Since I already wrote a whole post on this, I will keep it short. Basically, to become more vulnerable and share my heart more openly, especially in regards to my faith. 

2) What is something awesome Jesus has done in your life lately?
He has really been putting on my heart that I just need to trust him- blindly. With moving to Missouri and the start of my Ph.D. program quickly approaching, my old self would have been in freak-out mode, but now that I have Jesus, He is really just showing me to trust Him, even when I feel like being a control freak. 

3) How would you describe yourself in 6 words or less?
Just a girl saved by grace. 

4) What is something you have never done that you have always wanted to do?
I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Greece. I have not had the chance yet, but ONE DAY!

5) If you could go to any concert you wanted for free, which one would you go to and why?
I have never been to a Christian concert,  so I would definitely go to either Mercy Me or The Rhett Walker Band. I LOVE worship so I know I would just adore these concerts. I am a BIG music buff.

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully married, close to graduating my Ph.D. program, and starting a family or thinking about starting a family. 

7) What is your favorite place to shop at and why?
Gosh, I NEVER shop (college student budget). But, when I do get the chance to shop, or my parents help me out, I LOVE Nordstroms and Macy's. And of course, Target. 

8) If you could only eat one specific type of food (Mexican, Chinese, American, etc) for the rest of your life, what would you eat?
DON'T MAKE ME JUST PICK ONE. Mexican food or sushi, hands down. Or bacon, that's a type of food right!? I am SUCH a foodie. 

9) If you could hold on to just one memory from your life forever, what would that be?
I think the first time I really TRULY felt God's presence after begging for it for SO long. The church I attended in Scotland was just absolutely AMAZING, you could not walk into that church without feeling God's arms wrapped around you tight. Makes me want to cry thinking about it.

10) Which TV show's world would you want to live?
FRIENDS, or Sex in the City. I love my friends and both of these shows depict such true friendships, and comedic friendships at that. I like to think my friends and I are that funny. You might think otherwise.

11) What are three things you look for in a future spouse?  
Someone that loves God, is patient and kind, loves my faults, encourages my healthy lifestyle, and honors the drive I have to meet my goals. All traits I know I have found in my boyfriend- lucky me. 

Francesca's Questions:  

1) What's your favourite book ever? And no, you can't say the Bible ;)
EVER?! Girl you are really trying to stump me here. I am a HUGE book nerd. I can't pick one so I will just say anything written by Jodi Picoult. Books that transformed me as a Christian include, "Crazy Love," "Enemies of the Heart," and "Christian Atheist."

2) When was the last time you laughed so much you cried? What was it about?
Pretty much every time I am with my boyfriend. For example, yesterday, he was helping me do handstands (although I don't really need help). Don't even ask.

3) What is the most unattractive quality in the opposite sex?
In the past I would have said being a heavy drinker/drug user. Now, I say not having any type of faith. 

4) If you could travel to any time or place in history, what would it be and why?
As I mentioned above, I would DEFINITELY go to Greece!

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? (yes I am stealing Jessica's question!)
See above. 

6) What is your favourite scripture right now?
 Jeremiah 29:11

7) Do you thrift? What's the biggest bargain you've ever found?
 I have ALWAYS wanted to be a thrifter, but I  fail usually. I did find a FABULOUS vintage couch (FOR THIRTY DOLLARS) that my sweet boyfriend and his brother had to haul from quite a ways away for me. It's a lovely green, probably from the 70s and I am OBSESSED. Although, it is incredibly uncomfortable so it might get donated to a nice home when we move. 

8) House in the country or an apartment in the big city? Which would you prefer and why?
I like something right in the middle. I like to be in a city, not too big or too small. I also prefer a house. Flagstaff is great for me. It might be a little small though, it tends to have that "small town" feel, especially when college is in. I am looking forward to moving as Columbia is about double in size and has a similar feel! 

9) What's your favourite thing about blogging?
I love blogging because I am brave behind a keyboard. I am able to express my feelings more openly and share them with a big audience. This is especially great when I have something interesting to say, not so great for you all when I am rambling on about random things... 

10) Who is your favourite British person? 
My friend Emily. I met her while living in Edinburgh last winter and I absolutely ADORE her. She really encouraged me when I was first meeting Christ. I have lost touch with her which makes my heart ACHE, but she is definitely my favorite. 

11) What's your favourite book of the Bible and why?
I CAN'T PICK ONE. Currently, I might say 1 Corinthians, cliche I know. 

And now for what I'm sure you all have been waiting for with this entirely TOO LONG post... MY nominees! I did not re-nominate these ladies since they have already been nominated (in addition to a few more, like Brittany), but I love their blogs nonetheless. The following are in no particular order and I am not nominating many.
Chantal @ BeVirtue
Lacy @ Chosen

Nominees, here are my questions for you!
1. What motivates you to blog?
2. How did you get your first name?
3. What do you think about the phrase, "Let go and let God." What significance does this statement hold for you?
4. What is your opinion on reality television?
5. Public school or homeschooling (even if you are not a mom), and why?
6. Today, the church is sometimes portrayed negatively. What do you think we, as Christians, can do to change that portrayal?
7. Can we pray for you? About what specifically?
8. If you had unlimited funds, what is the FIRST thing you would buy?
9. What is your favorite Christian charity? Why?
10. What is clinical psychology? (This one is for my own entertainment, many people have misconceptions about what it is and I am going to fix that in a future post!)
11. If you were to have five minutes with God, what would you tell Him?

AND FINALLY, the winner of the creativeXelegance Spring Welcome Wreath giveaway is....  BRITTANY COOPER! Although this was a completely random raffle, I adore this gal and I am so happy she won, she really deserves it!!!! Maybe her and her [now] boyfriend (meaning she might possibly be engaged soon!!!) can hang it in their future home!

If you actually stuck with me throughout this whole post, you deserve MAJOR brownie points. I barely sat through writing the whole thing... I may have gone cross-eyed once or twice, but who's counting?