Edinburgh, Scotland

Honestly, I have been avoiding writing a post about my study abroad adventures because it is impossible to just write one. BUT, after encouragement from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite bloggers, Katie (I seriously ADORE this girl, I bet you will too!), I am going to post a few of m favorite photo snippets JUST about my time in Edinburgh, despite the fact that I saw several countries in that short time. If you would like to learn more about that, check out my horrible study abroad blog, HERE. OR if I actually spark someone's interest, let me know and I would be happy to blog more about Scotland or the many places I visited while abroad (such as: Norway, Holland, Ireland, etc).

Where I lived. 

I was seriously SO blessed with the location of my flat. We were right across from "The Meadows" in the Bruntsfield area of town. The Meadows had acres and acres of grass and paved walking/running trails. I did a lot of running in this area. Our flat was also RIGHT next door to the oldest pub in town, The Golf Tavern, and a beautiful old church.

The amazing church I lived a few doors down from. 
A view of the Meadows and Arthur's Seat at sunset, FROM MY WINDOW! I had such an amazing view. It kept me sane some days.

What I ate.

I basically ate EVERYTHING while I was there. I wasn't counting calories. Although I tried traditional dishes such as haggis and blood sausage, I absolutely loved their salmon.

The first meal I had after traveling nearly 24 hours and arriving in Scotland all by myself. A salmon panini with a latte. This cafe became one of my favorite places.
I'm not a huge meat eater, but this angus beef burger from the Saturday's farmers market was TO DIE FOR.

What I did.  

I went to Scotland really not wanting to say no to new experiences. I did a fairly good job of this if I do say so myself. I had a lot of firsts while abroad. 

Went to a rugby game with all of my flatmates.
Hiked Arthur's Seat in the rain, which was SO worth the rainbow I got a picture with. You can see a huge part of Edinburgh from up there, all the way out to the coast.
HARRY POTTER TOUR! This was a FREE tour that took us around Edinburgh to show us many of J.K. Rowling's inspirations. She started writing the series in Edinburgh and still has a home on the outskirts.
Danced with the locals on the Isle of Skye.
Ran out to Portobello Beach.
Attended numerous Ceilidhs, traditional Scottish dance parties. Danced my butt off too! I also learned how to pronounce Ceilidh right hahaha...
I participated in numerous races. This one was from the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest 10K and obstacle course!
Went whiskey tasting at a distillery.

Went on underground tours of the tunnels below the city. It is one of the most haunted cities in the world!
Acted like a goofball with my friends at an old castle. 

What I saw. 

 It is impossible to go to Scotland and not be amazed on a daily basis by the things you see. The history is so rich, and the land is so beauitful. 

Numerous historical landmarks.
Saw the Phantom of the Opera! Excuse my see-through dress. 
Loch Ness. No Nessie sightings though.
The Isle of Skye. Simply one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.
Pandas! Yes, we saw pandas. We even got featured in a video with them, which now makes me want to cry because I miss my friends so much. Although we had no idea what it was about at the time, the program is actually pretty awesome, if you have a few minutes definitely watch the video!
Faerie Glen! If you have seen "Brave" you know all about this. It was magical, literally. Such peace comes over you when you enter it.
The Edinburgh Castle. The castle sits on a hill in the center of the city, if you ever get lost (which you will), it is a perfect point of reference.
The Christmas parade and market. Seriously, I cannot express how amazing it was to be there during the Christmas season. Princes Street is so decorated and lively with the German Christmas Market. There is even an ice-rink in the park like Times Square! This blow up Santa was incredibly creepy, but he was wearing a kilt so that made it all OK.

 The botanical gardens.

MUMFORD AND SONS IN GLASGOW. I also saw the amazing Bon Iver.

A Scottish "snow."
Castles upon castles. Who can guess what movie this castle is from?!

Who I met. 

I am so incredibly lucky to have met some of the people I met. Although I won't post them all here since they are in many of the photos above, each of these individuals played a part in making my experience so enjoyable.

My main squeeze Kira.
Hairy Coo.
Maddie and Dan. Dan was a traveler from Seattle I met through Couchsurfers. We all decided to go out to St. Andrew's one day, where we did handstands on the beach. Such a great memory. These two were also instrumental in growing my faith while I was there. God gives you the people you need, always.

I had the privlege of celebrating my 22nd birthday while abroad. These guys, from three different countries, helped me celebrate in their native tongues, and with chocolate kisses. Chocolate kisses, or "Schokokuss" in German, are AMAZING. Daniel (the German in the middle) tried to find me some for my birthday but couldn't find any, so instead they did this. This made me so happy, my birthday fell right after graduate school application were all do so it was a great time and thanks to all my wonderful friends it was so unique!

I hope this gave you all a look into my time in Edinburgh. It truly is an amazing city and I left a part of myself there. I LOVE to talk about it, so ask away if you have questions!


  1. SO jealous you got to see Mumford and Sons! <3
    So interesting to read all about your adventures - please keep posts like this coming!

  2. YYEEESSSSSSSSSS I seriously almost died of happiness when I saw this post! I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE PICTURE you posted girl:) It totally took me back to our time in Edinbourgh, but also inspired me to see more of Scotland. SO gorgeous!! Isle of Skye looks amazing!!! And i'm So curious as to what movie that castle is in...Do share!!! Ahhh love this! Thanks for posting!!!! love Katie

  3. Stop! Cannot believe your location and your photos are gorgeous! All I can say is that I look forward to seeing more! :)

  4. Fab! You got to do and see lots... High on my list would be the Bon iver concert... Lucky lucky thing!! Ps... In your photos you make Scotland look like quite a sunny place...amazing!!!

  5. WOW!!!! This is such a great post- what an awesome adventure!!! Such beautiful pictures and a cool story. Definitely makes me want to travel :) I have always wanted to go to Ireland so I will have to ask you about that sometime. Okay and it's killing me- what movie IS that castle from?!


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