Friday's Letters

Dear work,  these 50 hour weeks are kicking my butt, but I am so happy to be adding fitness classes to my schedule this season!

Dear boyfriend, thank you SO much for allowing me to adopt this pretty little girl. Her name is Buddah and she will be joining us on our move across the country in August! Until then my mom and step-dad have agreed to take care of her! They have one of her brothers so she is in good company.

Dear body, please help me to reach my goals of 300 miles on my bike and 75 miles running by the end of June!

Dear homemade cutoffs, I am still not exactly sure how I feel about you. Good thing I purchased a few other options for my frister's pin-up themed bachelorette next month. My boyfriend also kindly pointed out these are men's pants. Who cares, they fit me.

Dear car, thank you for your check engine light's presence, especially RIGHT after I step out of the DMV with $70 less in my pocket. I'd also like to thank you for just turning off a week later on your own.

Dear date nights, I desperately need more of you in my life. I turn into a not so nice person when I do not get alone time with my man.

Dear Andrew, happy birthday! I am excited to spend the day hiking with you and my mom.

Dear bras, I have not been missing you one bit.

Dear Columbia, MO and MIZZOU, I can't wait to be near to you. I am praying we find the perfect house to start our little life in!

Dear God, thank you for reminding me to enjoy the details, and to trust in your timing. Also, watch over Matt and I as we start this new blog together, help us find the right words to say.



  1. Date nights are a must :) Good luck with your goal! You go, girl!

  2. Okay--I have so much to say..first off, move across the country!? I am new here and will be digging to see what that is all about. lol. Congrats to you! That is super exciting!
    And your cat, um freaking adorable!
    Date nights? I am the same way. Lol. I tease my husband that as long as we get a good bit of time together, I am good. When we don't, I do get a little cranky!
    Have fun hiking and have a great weekend!

  3. Buddah is simply too beautiful for words! Hope you have the loveliest weekend :) x

  4. Aww lovely post. I love how you start your sentences with Dear...

    Very intriguing to read.

    Now following, hope you can do the same: http://biblefoodfashion.blogspot.co.uk/

    Much love
    Amani Babs

  5. kitty!!! absolutely adorable, love it!! I am praying for you that you find a house to live in :D


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