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Today I am really excited to be sharing this little Q&A with a sweet friend. Cassie and I somehow met through Instagram some time ago now. Seems silly, but since then we have grown to have a unique friendship. This woman is AMAZING (and not just because she has the best name ever). I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow in Christ and get engaged to the love of her life! We decided to do a fun little Q&A together. You can hop on over to her blog and read my A's to her Q's HERE!

This pretty lady! Look at that BLING!

1. How did you get your first and middle names? (We have the same first/middle name)
My dad heard the name Cassandra from somewhere and then he heard Cassie from a soap opera (days of our lives) and my mom loved it also! They agreed to name me Cassandra but call meCassie. I'm not a fan of Cassandra but I loveCassie. Lee is a family name that my mom knew she would always use. I love the spelling of it also, not the normal Leigh like most femaleshave.

2. What are 5 things you CANNOT live without?
Hmmm… this is a hard one…..

-my bible and journals.

So many notes that have documented crucialmoments in my life so they are very important to me.

-my iPhone.

I would literally die. Texting, Instagram,Pinterest… yes, I’d die.

-nail polish.

Without it I bite my nails and they lookterrible.


I drink it all day, every day and withoutit I feel like crap.

-mexican food.

It’s my vice and I could eat it everysingle day.

3. At what point did you know you were ready for marriage? Was thereone particular moment where you just KNEW?
I would say I knew I was ready for marriagea few years ago. Unfortunately the Lord had other plans. After a lot of waitingand a lot of praying I realized that marriage wasn’t going to happen forme anytime soon. My relationship ended and then I had even more time to waitand pray (9 months to be exact) then the Lord pushed Peter back into my life. Fromthat moment I knew I was truly ready for marriage and so was Peter which wasthe sweetest gift of all.  

How sweet are these two? Cassie and her beau Peter.

4. What are some joys you are experiencing in this season of your life?
This season of life is like no other I haveexperienced. I have so much happiness and I feel so content with life rightnow. My walk with the Lord is growing stronger everyday. My relationship withmy future husband is so much fun and experiencing new adventures with him(planning a wedding and buying our first home) has been almost stress freewhich is not the normal. Right now I am just excited about everything thefuture holds and that is such a wonderful feeling!!!

5. What is your personal history when it comes to faith and God?
Honestly I don’t remember a time whenI didn’t have some type of Faith. I’ve always believed in Godbecause that was the way I was raised. It’s hard to pinpoint a time whenit clicked in my heart. My relationship with God has grown stronger with ageand I know that I rely on Him every single day. It’s almost likebreathing for me… He’s just here with me all the time which is sucha calming realization. His love is the sweetest love.

6. What are you non-blogging passions?
My faith, my family and future extendedfamily, my friends, my fitness and health, my church… all the many blessings I have in my lifeare also my passions. I know that I am so blessed to have such a full life and Idon’t want to take that for granted.

That is one of the many reasons I startedblogging in the first place, I wanted to document all the events and occasions thatfilled my life so I could have something to look back on one day and truly seethe hand of God at work within my life.

7. What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?
MissionTrips. I haven’t been on a large Mission Trip and I am dying to go.Vacation is very tight this year with the Wedding and Honeymoon but I’mhoping to go on some sort of Mission Trip in 2014! It will definitely be one ofmy New Years Resolutions.

8. What truly inspires you and awakens your soul?
So many things. I love to see how God puts allthings together. The way he will put a friends name on your heart and when youlet them know you are thinking about them and love them then their response isoverwhelmed thankfulness because they are having a horrible day… you justknow that God is in the middle of that. I don’t believe in Karma, Ibelieve in the divine works of an all knowing God and that helps me sleepbetter at night. Knowing that He knows every little detail of my life and I’mspoken for makes me feel safe and that is so incredibly inspiring. My soul isawaken because of Him.

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