Graduation Weekend

I really want to thank everyone for their sweet praises and prayers regarding my last post. I would also like to thank everyone who congratulated me on my graduation, or who was there celebrating with me this weekend! Here is a little recap of my amazing weekend (if you want to know more, check out what Matt wrote about the weekend HERE):


 My morning was a little hectic between cooking my dad and brother breakfast, packing for the weekend, and getting ready to walk in my graduation ceremony. Luckily, my amazing boyfriend was there to help. From there, the festivities began.

 I graduated Summa Cum Laude. 

 If you look closely you can see me. I have "2013" on my cap. 

After the ceremony, we headed down to Sedona for a nice lunch with my family at Oak Creek Brewery. Our waitress was so sweet and brought us free desserts to try!
As my grandfather would say, "That's not the kind of head you want on a beer."
 The crew that braved the crowds to see me walk.

 Can't beat Sedona views. 

After getting down to Phoenix, we picked up my step-sister, brother, and brother in law for some Dave and Busters fun! Nothing like throwing 5 big kids into an arcade where they serve alcohol. Matt won enough tickets to get us a food processor! You know you're growing up when that is exciting. 

 Enjoying some time with Laren on the patio at Dave and Buster's!


 After staying up until midnight the night before hot-tubbing (that is crazy for Matt and I), we started Saturday morning with some breakfast and a coffee run with my little man.

We enjoyed a nice walk around Old Town Scottsdale before heading to pick up mimosa supplies and my step-sister and brother in law. The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the party (well, everyone else getting ready for the party while Laren and I lounged in the pool... oops). Around 3pm we got moving and got ready for the party. Around 4 everyone started showing up, and the rest is pretty much spoken for by the following photos.

 I'm sexy and I know it. 

 Having all my favorites in one place made my heart jump.

 My beautiful cake. 

After the party wound down, us ladies enjoyed some wine while dipping our feet in the pool and enjoying the Arizona twilight. 


Sunday was bittersweet. The fun had ended, and I had to say goodbye to many people I love dearly. Matt and I spent the remainder of the day making breakfast for my mom for Mother's Day, taking my step-sister and brother in law to the airport, driving back up to Flagstaff, and taking Matt's mom out for dinner and frozen yogurt. I am so happy to be a part of Matt's family now, it is really a special feeling. After returning home, I unpacked and got started on thank-yous. Everyone has been so generous, and a HUGE portion of my moving costs (to Missouri in August) are now taken care of. So blessed. 

My heart is so full after this weekend. I could not have thought of a better way to celebrate with all the people that made my accomplishments possible over the past few years. I am so blessed and grateful to each and everyone one of you that have helped me along this journey. Particularly my parents, best friends, and Matt, you are all so patient with me, especially when I am being a crazy stress bucket. God is so good.

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