Lady Parts

That's right.. lady parts. All of my male readers might just want to sit this one out, unless you are really interested in bra-talk. 

SO, lets talk bras. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Kristyn's post about what bras do [or do not do] for our health (Kristyn also talks why this French researcher's argument might be somewhat flawed, and I completely agree with her points). She discusses a French study that demonstrates bras are MORE likely to cause sagging. This is due to the fact that bras prevent breast tissue and muscles from developing as strongly and fully as they might otherwise do if we just let gravity do its thang, thus leading to sagging. If you know anything about me, I was pretty stoked to hear this, as I would totally go bra-less everyday if it were more acceptable. Thankfully I have fairly small breasts, so this is easier for me than those more full-chested ladies.

Although I was stoked about this finding, it does not automatically make me feel more comfortable about going bra-less all the time. I mostly worry about what others might think if they realize I am not wearing a bra. Which got me to thinking, why should it matter so much? If I am comfortable and still being modest, I see no reason to wear a bra everyday. Sadly, in Kristyn's words, "society...tells us cleavage and push-up are hot and nipples are not."

So, I am sticking it to society, at least when I can. After talking with Kristyn a bit about alternatives, I have decided that built-in bras and sports bras are the best option for me when I do not feel totally comfortable going completely commando up top. Bandeau's are also a viable alternative for certain types of tops. 

I am happy to say that the past two days I have not worn a bra to work. Although this is somewhat easier to pull off at my job because I work in a recreation department and I also teach fitness classes (so built in bras and sports bras are a regular choice for me), it can still be awkward some days. BUT, I am going to try and go bra-less more often for MY sake [and for my wallet's sake]. 

My FAVORITE part of Kristyn's post was the following statement: "i feel that God gave us these feminine bodies, and we have no reason to be ashamed of any part of them. if we are rooted in modesty, we should not feel a reason to hide or feel uncomfortable about how our bodies look naturally in clothing without bras. personally, i believe wearing one or not wearing one doesn't make me immodest, and i should make the choice that benefits me most in health, both physically and mentally."


Thanks Kristyn for the inspiration! What does everyone think about this topic? Would you feel comfortable going bra-less, or not? Why? I would love to hear your opinions.


  1. Okay. I love this. And I'm with you on the small chested side...and I often don't see the need to wear bras...but I am concerned about how society would view it. And who am I kidding...I can't imagine it would be offensive...there isn't much to look at! Lol

  2. I read Kristyns post too and it really got me thinking! I'd love to be able to go without a bra but I'm rather on the full chested side so I would be waaaay self conscious about it. But having said that, I sometimes think it would be more modest to go without a bra because they all seem to end up giving ridiculous cleavage! I'd like to be able to wear a pretty top some days without having to worry about keeping it covered up because of silly push up bras. And I totally agree about for your wallets sake!! How can they charge so much for something so small?! Haha. I'm looking forward to seeing what else people have to say about this topic!

  3. I too LOVED Kristyn's post on this, and had no idea about bras until she shared. I love that you are trying new alternatives, GO YOU! I definitely LOVE bandeu tops and want to get some more. Anyone know where you can get some cute ones? Thanks for sharing Cassie!

  4. Cassie, I don't know how I didn't see this earlier but wow! Awesome post! I'm so glad my post sparked even more discussion :) Thank you so much! I'd love to know how things are going now--are you still going bra-less/built-in? I've been fairly consistent with that but have definitely been wearing bras more than I'd like at work. I found a few pairs of great bralettes for those more formal occasions (just to "hide" the nipples, urgh), on Shop Bop and am planning to order them soon, so I'll have to let you know how it goes! :)


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