Love Story: Chapter 1

Now, let me just start out by saying that meeting M ABSOLUTELY had to be due to fate (something I did not necessarily believe in when I met him). Here is why:

I started working at a recreation department in the summer of 2011. I had turned down another position within the club to work at the recreation center. Things started out well, the trainings went smoothly, and I was going to be working with a few friends. Overall, I was excited.

Now, I was going to be working the snack bar since I had food service experience. My boss, the snack bar supervisor, was also new that year and we were prepared for a slow start. It was a REALLY slow start. Long story short, he ended up quitting. Our director then told us we were going to have a "new" supervisor,  someone that had worked for the club for a few years prior, taking the previous year off and now only agreeing to come back part time.

This person was M. After years at the club, he took the 2010 season off. After this incident with our first supervisor occurred, our director had asked him to return in 2011. He was very hesitant, agreeing only to come back part time. Well, that slowly changed to full time, but that is besides the point.

A few days later, halfway into our training, the snack bar staff was introduced to M. At that point, I was by no means interested. I had ended a serious relationship about a year prior and I was just looking to be single and "do me" for a while.

We became friends pretty quickly after spending so much time together and finding out we had common interests. Halfway into the summer, I found myself attracted to him, but I by no means was interested, mostly because I knew it would NEVER work. He was religious, and I was FAR from it. Even though this was on my heart, people at work started asking what was happening with us. Even my best friend I lived with asked me if I liked him a few times. I denied it every time, I was honestly convinced I wasn't interested. Then, my best friend finally called me out  and there wasn't much denying it from that point on.

After confronting him about my feelings (I'm not exactly shy...), then occurred an awkward texting conversation about how we could never work due to work (our boss had warned him about "being careful" around co-workers), and things got a tad weird. Although, that did not last long.

After a few more weeks of awkwardness, all of our co-workers except 1 bailed on a baseball game we were all supposed to go to together. This ended up being weird at first (for me) but we chatted the whole way there, throughout the game, and the whole way back, making it less weird. On the way back from the game, we decided to go to the Grand Canyon the following Friday. M would cycle there from town, and I would drive his car and meet him there. This could be considered our first date because it was all history after that... well... sort of.

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  1. Oooo yay I can't wait to hear more!!! By crazy coincidence I'm writing mine and Eds love story at the minute!!! It's a work in progress haha! Your story sounds do like mine (but Ed was the one with no interest in Christianity) and we both denied liking each other for months!!!

  2. Aw love this...can't to hear more!!!

  3. Look at Hale's face in the back of the picture. Photobomb.

  4. I always have so much fun reading posts like these! Love stories are the best. I can't wait for the next part!

  5. I love your blog :) What a beautiful story!!


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