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Throughout the month of May, when I do not have other posts to share, I will be joining in on the "Blog Everyday in May" challenge. I would encourage you to join in as well!

Today's post is about me, educating you, on something I know a lot about or am good at. I like to think that I am pretty good at psychology, especially considering I just got into a PhD program (haha)! That being said, I'd love to share a little bit about conservation psychology with everyone. I know I sound like a hippy, but stick with me here!

Conservation psychology is defined as "the scientific study of the reciprocal relationships between humans and the rest of nature, with a particular focus on how to encourage conservation of the natural world." In other words, learning how we can encourage more sustainable behaviors through the development of a relationship with nature. I really cannot express how passionately I feel about this. It is IMPERATIVE that we learn to see nature as a part of our identity. Until that happens we will continue to live our materialistic lifestyles, viewing nature as something to be dominated by humans. God gave us this beauty, and instead we sit inside on our ipads all while watching TV and doing 10 other things.

Our lifestyles are slowly destroying our planet, our HOME! If you aren't convinced, visit this link to calculate your own carbon footprint and see how it compares to worldwide averages. I know when I took this, I thought I was doing pretty darn good. I use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, I take my own bags to the grocery store, and I eat a plant-based diet among other things. Regardless, my transportation and living practices were still having a disastrous impact on the environment. If you'd like to learn more about how your behaviors affect the environment visit www.storyofstuff.org/ and watch some of the videos, you will be shocked! 

Matt and I love our Nalgenes. Here is one on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon during the first trip we ever took together.

I would also encourage you to not be overwhelmed by the seemingly tragic state of Earth. Instead, I would encourage you to make small changes so we can move away from further destruction. Just go out on a hike and enjoy nature for its beauty. Ride your bike to work instead of driving, or even easier, carpool! Buy local, start a compost bin, plant a garden, and/or choose the meat you eat wisely. Invest in energy-saving appliances and turn off your lights! There are so many little changes you can make that really do make a difference. I encourage you not to be one of those people that just sits back and thinks "Well, me changing my behavior is not going to be significant enough anyways." If everyone thinks this way, obviously we will not see change. 

I love to talk about this, clearly. If you have any questions about the impact of your own behaviors, or how you can make changes to become more sustainable and develop a real relationship with nature, PLEASE reach out to me! I would LOVE to talk to you! And, don't forget, being sustainable can be fun! I love buying cute reusable bags and turning old belongings into something new! 

  I recently started my own indoor composting system. This container fits snugly under my apartment sink and doesn't even smell! I have a great handout on how to make your own if you're interested!

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