To be completely honest, not many things make me uncomfortable. I am pretty blunt, don't get embarrassed easily, and I tend to just laugh when things make me feel awkward. But, if I HAD to come up with a few things that make me uncomfortable they would be the following:

1. When people blatantly stare at my tattoos with a look of disgust on their face. Or even worse, when they just come up to me and start TOUCHING them. Like, please don't touch me. Some argue I asked for it when I got tattooed, but I won't settle for that argument, it's still uncomfortable. Additionally, I don't touch random people's hair or feet. Just saying.

2. Praying in front of certain people, namely my boyfriend. I need to kick this habit, and we have really been working on it but it's not easy when a year and a half ago I didn't even pray alone. It's a work in progress, and I'm trying really hard to get past it. Luckily, Matt is a great spiritual leader that isn't afraid to take the reigns when I'm being ridiculous.
3. When people drive really slow by me when I am running, or when they honk and yell at me. Gross. Seriously, could you be any more disrespectful? The last thing a female wants is to be taunted while she is running alone. I always wonder how men that do this would feel if someone did the same thing to their sister, mother, or significant other. Just don't.

I look super great when I run... NOT. This guy is staring at me.... 

4. Being stared at. This should honestly be number 1. This makes me SO uncomfortable. I could not even tell you why, but I honestly freak out. I get super paranoid. Ask anyone that knows me well and they probably know how I feel, and chances are probably good that they also stare at me just to make me squirm. True friendship.

And there you have it-- things that make me uncomfortable. Hopefully you all don't think I'm a total freak now (haha), and hopefully you don't play any practical jokes on me using the disclosed information...


  1. People seriously do all this stuff? I'm not a violent person but seriously? They need punching in the face ;)

    And praying in front of people has always been a huge thing for me too. I think I just feel very self-concious about it! One of my friends realised this last year and put me in some uncomfortable positions to try and help me sort myself out haha. It's still a work in progress though!

    1. Hahahah oh yes, girl. I would say I get yelled at on 1 in 3 runs hahaha... and the tattoo thing happens multiple times daily.

    2. Oh my goodness! People are so unbelievably rude!!!

  2. Oh my gosh!! YES. The whole drive by weird honking or "woo hoo". I want to scream. Just stop. Lol. And can we talk about praying in front of people? I struggle with this SO bad. I am a relatively new "born again" believer....and I am trying. But yes...for me..it is HARD. :)

    1. I'd love to talk more! Shoot me an e-mail! clm348@nau.edu


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