What My Best Friend Thinks of Me

Back in April, I did a post on "What My Boyfriend Thinks of Me" as a part of a link up. I had so much fun doing this that I decided to have my best friend do the same thing for me. So, here is what my best friend, Alisa, thinks of me. My commentary is in bold.

Best fraaaanddddsssss
Okay, so some things I love about my best friend, Miss Cassie Marshall, here we go!!

She is SO MUCH fun to have as a roommate!! (Matt, you are one lucky dude)! There are so many things that I miss about our little apartment in Flagstaff, but I think drinking wine and watching the Real World takes first place! DITTO FRIEND!

I do miss living with Alisa, but I might miss this kitchen more. Shhhh...

She's ALWAYS got your back, and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. If I want an honest opinion about something (even if I may not like the answer) I go to her because she will give it to you straight! This is a hard thing to do for most people, but for her it's second nature! Couldn't have said this one better, my opinions are always with my friend's best intentions in mind.

My junior year and Alisa's senior year homecoming.
She knows exactly who she is, and stands up for what she believes in. In this world, we have leaders and we have followers. This girl is most definitely a leader! Awwww shucks, thanks girl.

She is a darn good cook! (Another perk of being her roommate)! Sorry to say, I'm not taking roommate applications.

She's driven! Not many 22-year-olds are eager to graduate and move across states to attend graduate school (which is also brave I might add). She is determined to be successful! True statement. Risks are fun!

She is considerate and very thoughtful! Her gifts and cards (at Christmas or birthdays) are always so carefully thought out. She always gives something personal, and something she knows that you would like, or that would mean something to you! I try, I try!

You'd think we were in love or something....

I hope to be able to do more of these in the future. If you're a friend or family member and would be interested in participating, let me know! Have a great day everyone, I am off to enjoy a day adventuring with my man on our day off together!

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