Having a Quiet Heart vs. Being an Independent Woman

The bible instructs us, as women, to have a quiet spirit. 1 Peter 3:3-4 says, "Let your beauty not be external - the braiding of hair and wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes - but the inner person of the heart, the lasting beauty of a gentle and tranquil spirit, which is precious in the God’s sight.”  Society, on the other hand, instructs us to be strong, independent women and to give in to materialistic values.

I now realize that I have always been one to give in to what society says we as women should be, especially in this day and time. I have always been independent, strong, and outspoken. I am not afraid to stand up for myself and express my opinion. In the past, I would not have cared if this came off negatively, or if it hurt someone's feelings, I was there to show my strength as a confident woman, especially if others were putting me down. Part of this came from being hurt in life, part of it came from being stubborn and refusing to back down, and part of this came from being raised by an incredibly strong single mother. I used my toughness as a defense mechanism, as a way of saying "you can't hurt me," even though people often did. The result of this toughness was an "I can take care of myself, I don't need you" mentality.

The more that I have gotten to know Jesus, the more I have wished I would no longer be this way. I do not always like having a hard heart and outspoken spirit, especially when it comes to my relationship with Matt. I have a hard time letting others win, especially when I think I am right. Since Matt and I both have the flaw of thinking we are always right, this sometimes turns sour. But, I'm starting to realize that having a quiet heart and backing down does not show weakness, it shows my love for my future husband. It shows that being right is not as important as loving him. I also need help remembering that I can't always take care of myself, and Matt does want to help me, I just need to learn how to let him without feeling like I am being weak. I realizing more and more everyday that I do need him. Letting my fiancee help me is part of his job, and I need to let him take on that role instead of hanging on to my pride.

During this engagement period I really want to focus on quieting my heart. Although I know I will always be an independent, educated woman with her own opinions, I need to learn when and when not to show that side of me. I need to learn when to back down, and let someone else win, just for the sake of being more like Jesus. I want to love others more openly, so that they might know a little piece of how much love our Father has for us.

Overall, I really do have a lot to work on. I do not want to try to be someone I am not, but at the same time I do not want to continue to be harsh. We, as women, really walk a fine line daily. When we don't stand up for ourselves we are seen as being weak, while if we say too much, we are seen as (for lack of better word) bitches. This is where the feminist part of me comes out and I get really upset about how unfair this it, but it is reality. I am getting to the point where if it means I have a closer relationship with God and my fiancee by appearing weak to society (in the form of quieting my heart), I am completely OK with that, and I hope you all are too.



The next six weeks of my life will carry change upon change (to say the last six months of my life hasn't as well would be a joke). Matt and I are opening our first bank account together today and putting an offer on a house. I'm currently moving out of my apartment and will stay with a sweet couple from church until our August 3rd move to Missouri. We will be attempting to navigate not only having our first home and living together, but planning a wedding in an unfamiliar state, all while I start one of the most rigorous educational programs around.

Doesn't' this just look joyful?

Although some are scared by change, I absolutely love it.  As overwhelming as it can be at the time, I thrive on knowing that Matt and I are about to drive off into the sunset to some unknown state and start our lives together. This just makes my heart so full.

I know that even when things do get scary, we can trust in God to carry us through them. It's important to me that our relationship is centered on Him, especially during these next few weeks of change, because although things may get crazy, He is the one we need to be looking to throughout.

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When Blogging Friends Become "Real Friends"

I do not feel that I express my love for this little community enough. Seriously, who would have thought that when I started this blog a few months ago I would meet some of the most AMAZING ladies I have ever "met" in my life? Like, seriously. I have gone 22 years without meeting people with the life experiences, struggles, advice, and love I have received from some of you.

I find myself talking to people about my blogging friends, sending you all e-mails when something reminds me of you, and taking time out of my day to catch up on what you are doing and give you little pieces of my heart in return. Your posts bring me smiles, tears, and opportunities for growth.

At first, I was unsure whether bloggers were just replying to my comments to act like they really thought I was contributing something great in order to keep me coming back, or whether they were actually genuine. These past few months have shown they are VERY GENUINE and for that I am thankful.

It has been so amazing to be able to openly share my happy days, sad days, milestones, and failures. Especially because I always receive nothing but love and support in return. To me, this space is not about becoming popular, it is about sharing my heart with the hopes that I will make real connections with positive and encouraging gals, and I feel like that has been nothing but successful.

So, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for being so awesome. For becoming some of my closest "real life" friends, despite the fact that many of us are nowhere near close physically. That, is something special, and I hope to actually meet some of you one day!


That Time I Got Baptized

Yesterday, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ and officially joined the Christian family that I have already felt apart of for some time now (to read my journey go HERE). The day really was special. My pastor made a special effort to include me throughout the service, tying me into the children's message and letting Matt and I help with communion. There were a lot of happy tears yesterday and I was overwhelmed by the love I felt from my fiance, his family, my friend Shauna, my pastor, and our congregation.

My baptism could not have come at a more perfect time. I have honestly been so faithless lately, shoving my time with God aside due to being "exhausted' and "too busy." I knew I needed something to really kick me back into gear again. Yesterday morning I got back into my quiet time and just prayed over the day. I really felt God during this time, something I sadly hadn't felt so strongly in a while. The rest of the day just fell right into place. God is so good. I can't wait to see what he does in mine and Matt's lives in the coming years together.

Matt caught this sweet candid of myself and a sweet member of our church, Bart. 

My friend Shauna and I.
Oh boy am I lucky. 
My sweet pastor who played a HUGE role in my coming to Christ and getting so involved with the church.
My sweet sponsors Linda and Mark. I am moving in with them next week until Matt and I move to Missouri and I can't wait!


Glorifying God through Wedding Planning

My fiance, Matt, and I are both even planners at our seasonal country club jobs. This makes planning a wedding not only less overwhelming for us, but incredibly exciting. From day one we set the boundary that this was going to be our engagement and wedding, and that we would not let others try to get in the way of what we wanted the day to be. For the most part, that has turned out pretty well for us. On the other hand, just being who we are, we have tried to take other people into consideration maybe a little too much, swaying things like venues and locations that we really adore.

Last night, our sweet married friends, Brie and Beau, really opened our eyes that it was our day, which might mean that our guests have to travel a little further or deal with other minor details they may not like. AND THAT IS OK. We want the day to be about us, our love for Christ, and our love for one another. We do not want to get caught up in trying to make everyone else happy, when it should really just be about what makes us happy. Part of this sounds selfish, but then I remember that this is a day I am going to remember for the rest of my life, and although I by no means need it to be perfect, I want to set us up to have the most spiritually filled day of my life, and if that requires cutting things others may have like to have seen, that is OK. I do not want to lose sight of what this engagement and time leading up to our wedding is really about.

So, from here on out I vow to keep Jesus at the center, and to plan our wedding in a way that glorifies Him and brings out the love Matt and I have for each other. I vow to not only use this time as an engaged couple to have fun planning our wedding, but to prepare for our marriage as much as possible.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday, I am off to get baptized!


Redeeming Love

This post has been a long time coming, it's some serious stuff and I have been majorly putting it off. Since I have the day off, I figured today should be the day I finally write it, despite the fact I should definitely be packing instead. 

I recently finished the book, "Redeeming Love" that a sweet friend gave me as a graduation gift. I'm not typically one for love stories, but this one really spoke directly to my heart. It is based on the book of Hosea. The book goes a little something like this: Michael Hosea, a man after God's heart, follows God's plan for him to marry a harlot who has been abandoned and abused time and time again, especially by men. Angel, the prostitute, runs away from him repeatedly, and he follows her every time with the exception of once, during which he trusts that God will lead her back to him. Although Angel feels unworthy of his love, through Micheal's steadfast love and God's faithfulness, she comes to develop a faith of her own and eventually discovers God's plan all along was for them to be together.

Literally, throughout this whole book I was thinking to myself, this story was written about Matt and I. OK, maybe less dramatic, but seriously, it is so much like our story. When I met Matt, I had been in numerous bad relationships, and had a very negative view of men. Yet, he was kind of this guy that I put up on a pedestal. I wondered why he hadn't been swooped by some nice Christian gal yet. When we started dating, I almost felt guilty that I wasn't that Christian girl, and felt like I should run fast in the opposite direction to save him from me, just as Angel did with Micheal Hosea. I remember thinking a few times that I was going to ruin him. But, he showed me time and time again that he was going to love me regardless of whether or not I had the faith he wanted me to have, even when I was running fast for cover and acting like a crazy person to scare him away. I tested him a lot in the beginning, something I am not proud of, but something that he always dealt with well.

His trust in God during this time makes my stomach have butterflies. I can't even imagine how hard it was for him to trust that God had a plan for us. I was definitely nowhere near knowing Christ when we met, as a matter of fact, I was adamantly against ever knowing Him. Yet he still found the strength to stick with me, and I am SO happy he did. This book really put into perspective how a marriage should be, and it makes me thankful that I have found a man that will uphold his end of the deal so to speak. It gives me peace knowing that he is so much like Michael Hosea, always putting his trust in the Lord to come through for us even during the dark times.

I am going to be baptized this Sunday, which is special for the both of us. It's something I never thought would happen, but I am ready to commit my life to Jesus. 

Has anyone else learned something huge from this book?!

Matt and I are also hosting a little link up for engaged/married couples over at Koinonia, hop on over and check it out!


Engagement Party

I must say, I am SO thankful for all of my readers who stuck with me during my blogging hiatus the last week. It has been such craziness, but in the best possible way. I don't expect it to slow down anytime soon with the busiest season of work coming up and a move in my agenda over these next two weeks. Regardless, I promise not to go MIA again anytime soon, you have my word.

Last night, my future in-laws threw Matt and I the sweetest open house going way/engagement party. They worked so hard to make sure it was exactly what we wanted, and it really was wonderful. The announcement was put in both of our church agendas, so there were a lively bunch of Lutherans, as well as some of our closes friends and family members.

I'm in LOVE with this candid. These two are super special to me. And yes I am double-fisting ice cream and Sierra Nevada. I have a whole year to fit into a dress right?!

Some of my favorites from church.

The tulle balls I made, or loofas as Matt referred to them all night.

Our sweet photo line.

It's all about the details.

This is so special to me. I can't wait to hang it in our home in August!

If the rest of our engagement is as nice as last night was, I am even more happy we are waiting a hear to get married! I really want to take in everything fully during this season of our lives together.

As a little side note, my June fitness goals are coming along. As of yesterday I have ridden 150.8 miles which puts me just over my 300mile goal, and I have run only 19.4. I'm just in a running rut lately and it's hard to want to get out especially with all the other swimming and pilates I have been doing. I'm hoping to still make my riding goal, and at least come close to my 75mi running goal, but with ten days left I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket.



Hi friends. I'm so sorry I have been MIA for about a week now. Things have been a bit crazy between work, the engagement, and my sister's bachelorette party last weekend. 

Our engagement party is tonight so hopefully in the next day or two I will get something of substance up here! Until then, here are some photos of what I have been up to. 


I've Come to Realize

Thank you Matt Boness Photography for catching moments like this.

I've come to realize that "Redeeming Love" is pretty much a more dramatic recreation of mine and Matt's relationship. I've come to realize that I am SO READY to move to Missouri. I've come to realize that I let the little things get to me far too much. I've come to realize that no matter how insignificant I think my posts are, God makes sure that just the right people that need to read them always do. I've come to realize that I don't miss my bras at all. I've come to realize that I need to stop trying to rush my relationship, and just enjoy what God has given me during this season (I wrote this before I got engaged last weekend, and I wrote a guest post on this over at my sweet friend Brittany's blog). I've come to realize that I talk more about some of my "blog friends" then my "real friends" some days. I've come to realize that my sanity really depends on whether or not I get a workout in, it really is the best therapy.

What have you come to realize? Link-up with Holly to share!


Love where you live.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in one of the most beautiful places on this side of the country- Santa Rosa, California. Santa Rosa is a part of Sonoma County, which is famous for its wine country. It has just about the perfect climate, is 45 minutes from the ocean and San Francisco, and full of GREEN rolling hills. I truly miss this place.

Cycling with Matt out towards Napa.

A favorite beach of mine.

Now, I live in Flagstaff, Arizona. I lived in Phoenix for a few years after Santa Rosa, and oh boy was it an adjustment. After moving to Flagstaff, I immediately started to feel more at home. Flagstaff is at about 7,000 feet, is a old railroad town (like Santa Rosa), has a WAY more mild climate than Phoenix and is full of great outdoorsy outlets. Since moving here I have never lived more than a half mile from our large trail system, and never further than 5 minutes from great hiking. Not to mention we are an hour and a half from the Grand Canyon and 45 minutes from Sedona. Additionally, Flagstaff is a small hippy town that really focuses on local sustainability, which is a lot like Santa Rosa. It is definitely a nice home away from home, except for the fact that we get snow here!

Show shoeing through the Aspens.

Riding out near one of our town lakes.

Not the best quality, but how can you beat sunsets like these with the mountains as a backdrop?!

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That Time I Got Engaged

You heard right! Yesterday, the love of my life proposed to spend the rest of his life with me. And what did I say?! YES OF COURSE!!!!

M and I spend a lot of time at the Grand Canyon together, as you may have already noticed. It was actually where we had our first date together a few years ago. So, when he asked me a few weeks ago what I was doing June 9 and said he wanted to go to the Canyon to get some sunrise photos, I wasn't exactly shocked. Then, I got to thinking a little (something I do way too much of), and realized he NEVER plans that far out. I had my suspicions, but tried not to get too worked up about it.

Fast forward to Saturday. M and I were both scheduled from 9am to 11pm at work. We had our regular shifts, plus a shuttle driving for a party. Last minute, he was asked to do another driving. Long story short, I went home at 11pm, M was out waiting to drive the second group home until 2:30am. Why is this important? Because we had planned to leave for the Canyon at 3:15am. Poor guy didn't even get the three hour nap I did. I fully expected him to bail on the Canyon, I probably would have!

So, we drive out to the East Rim of the Canyon. M tells me I can stay in the car while he gets his camera set up since it isn't quite sunrise yet. A few minutes later, I get out of the car and take a few of my own photos, as well as creep a few of him (nothing new there).

Then, he moves his camera to a new location on the rim for a few couple shots (we are totally infamous for taking these EVERYWHERE we go). Again, I'm not thinking too much of it. Then, he tells me he bought a clicker so we don't have to use the timer and run into the photo anymore. So, we snap a few shots. Then, M being his witty self, says something along the lines of, "...you know what I just realized?" ummm, no? "this is our last photo together as boyfriend and girlfriend." Then he pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and asked to marry me. OF COURSE I SAID YES. We snapped a few more photos, then hopped on over to the South Rim lodge for a nice breakfast.

On the drive over, I said, "did you even ASK to marry me?!" and he said YES. I clearly was caught up in the moment and didn't exactly take it all in.

After breakfast, we sat around on the rim for a bit to call all of our families. When we got back into town, we took a much needed nap, then headed to the pool for a bit. After another nap, my soon to be IN LAWS, and M's brother's sweet girlfriend Beth, took us out for a VERY nice dinner. Following dinner we celebrated with champagne at their house.

It was such a whirlwind of a day. I could not ask for a more amazing man to spend the rest of my life with. I am so full of SO many emotions.

You can read M's version HERE.

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I do not have much time to get my thoughts down today, but luckily I read a post this morning that really made me think, "I just need to slow down and enjoy this season." I know a few of you can relate.

"Singleness is not a layover or a time of waiting. It is a season where God cultivates us for future work. Our experiences in singleness help us to be the people God created us to be whether as wives, mothers, doctors, teachers, or missionaries. It’s a season that is no less wonderful than marriage, it’s just different. Neither marriage or singleness are endpoints, instead they are both specks on the large map of our lives and we experience them for a reason."

Happy Saturday Friends!

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A Product Review & GIVEAWAY

I know, I know, the title of this post does not seem all that alluring. I am not here to bore you, but instead help you gain knowledge of an AWESOME [and tasty] product. I am not being paid to write this review, and I was not given the product for free. The opinions stated are truly my own.

So, since I am OBSESSED with food, which some of you may or may not already know, I want to share BRAD'S RAW LEAFY KALE. These kale chips are no ordinary kale chips, they are absolutely TO DIE FOR. Even if you are not a vegan or vegetarian, and even if you don't even like kale, I would highly recommend these tasty snacks. And I would also suggest you buy more than one box of them because if you are anything like me, they won't last long!

Why are these kale chips so awesome you ask?! Well, where do I start? 

Well, first of all, they are organic. Not the, "we are going to claim we are organic but really suck," kind, but the REAL GOOD actually organic kind. How do I know this? Because they are not only certified by the USDA, but also by the CCOF. Additionally, they are all NATURAL. That's right. You might wonder how Brad gets these chips to taste so perfectly cheesy and crunchy without processing them, right? Well, to achieve this, he uses ingredients such as cashews, scallions, garlic, and lemon juice. Tell me the last time you bought a pre- packaged snack with such CLEAN ingredients that was still RAW?! Yeah, bet you can't.

Next, they won't impact your waistline. I can't keep chips in the house because I will gobble them up. Well, it is no different with these, except for the fact that they have barely any calories in them. I think I heard somewhere a whole box is only 4 points on the Weight Watchers scale (if that means anything to you)! Now you can get a whole bag box of chips and not feel bad about it!

And to show why this product is even MORE awesome, kale is packed full of great things including calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid, and magnesium among others. So, you can really have your cake and eat it too!

Like I said, OBSESSED. Excuse the poor quality here.

I could go on and on about why I love this product, but I will spare you and just trust I have gotten my point across. I will also assume that you are now going to leave your computer, put on some sandals, and run to your nearest store to get yourself a box, then promptly finish them while entering my giveaway to win more!

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Love Story: Chapter 3


Make sure to read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 before this post.

During the time before I moved to Scotland, we went through a point where many couples were expecting us to get engaged. Many told us it was necessary for us to stay together. I, on the other hand, was no where near ready to be engaged (I have been telling myself since I was 14 that I would not get married until I was 30, HA!). We hadn't even been together a year yet, and although I knew I loved Matt with all of my heart, I just knew it was not the right timing. I still did not have the relationship with God I wanted, and I just did not feel that I was the woman he deserved just yet. Not to mention I still wanted my independence while in Scotland, and I was still financially dependent on my parents. I felt that these expectations put a lot of stress on our relationship, but as I have mentioned before, we were great about communicating, so the stress did not last long.

We spent the summer before I left working our butts off! We barely saw each other in the hustle and bustle of life. I was working full time serving, nannying on the side, training for triathlons, and studying for the GRE. He was also working crazy hours that were almost completely opposite of mine; we were lucky to see each other for a few hours each week. This was taxing, but in all honesty, it prepared us for the reality of me leaving. Luckily, we were able to take a trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to celebrate our one year before I left in September (I actually arrived in Scotland on the day of our one-year anniversary). This was really special because it was also where we took our first trip together when we first started dating.

In September, I left for Scotland. As I have mentioned before, this was a HUGE time of growth for me, and for our relationship. As Matt was struggling with trying to find a job, I was finding Christ, applying for graduate school, and having some of the best experiences of my life. Our first month went pretty smoothly, but the second month was a trial to say the least. We really struggled. Part of this was because I really was not open enough about how my relationship with Jesus was changing, and I think that made M wonder if I was ever going to know Christ like he wanted me to. Plus, I knew come August of 2013 I would be moving away for graduate school, and I really wanted him to join me. But let me tell you, not knowing WHERE you will be moving is HARD, especially for two Type A individuals. There were many, many tears exchanged during this time.

Despite the trials, he was still SO helpful. He read over my personal statements again and again until I got them perfect. He encouraged me to stay focused when all of my roommates were out partying every night. He sent me sweet post cards and e-mails. This was the point where my view on marriage started to change completely. By November, I pretty much knew he was the person that I wanted to be with. I didn't care if others thought I was too young, too immature, lacking life experience, etc., I just knew I loved him and did not ever want to be without him again after these few months.

Although our relationship was a bit of up and down, it never really compromised my time in Scotland. I enjoyed EVERY minute of it, I was determined to. I owe him so much for being so strong during this time for me.

Captivating Book Club: Week 1

For the next few weeks, I will be linking up with Cara and a few other gals as we read through "Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul."

Here is a summary of Chapter One that I stole from Cara:

Chapter One: The Heart of a Woman

"Captivating is written to heal the heart of women, to encourage women to be the beautiful, vulnerable people that God created. The book is written by both John and his wife Stasi, but is written for women. They discuss who God created women to be, how women have been hurt and withdrawn from being beautiful and vulnerable, and what repentance of this means. This is a book that shows who God created women to be, and calls women to turn to God to heal the wounds that say they are not beautiful, that say they are not worthy of being loved, and become the women who God created them to be."

Each week, Cara will ask us a number of questions regarding the week's chapter. It is our job to answer them truthfully and wholeheartedly! So, without further ado, here are Week One's Questions:

1. What is one memory you have of feeling so completely and utterly overwhelmed with awe and wonder? (Taken from Stasi's awe-inspiring story of rowing her canoe with her husband, John, and being needed in a time of absolute necessity - to play her role in an adventure!) JUST ONE MEMORY? That's tough. I might have to say that visiting Faerie Glen in the Scottish Highlands was one of the most amazing moments in my life. I blogged about it a bit here. Seriously, just upon stepping off the bus into this place you are overwhelmed with the same awe and wonder described by the author in the book. The place completely overtakes you with its serenity and beauty. I don't think I spoke more than 10 words the whole hour we were there, I was just trying to take it all in and receive.

2. Has it ever crossed your mind that as a creation of the One True Creator, you were made to inflict the same wonder and awe into man? How do you or don't you see that proven and made manifest in your life?
I have a hard time believing that I was created to inflict the same "wonder and awe'" into man. I am always shaming myself, which the book also talks about, and thinking, "I can do better." I am admittedly WAY too hard on myself at times, preventing this from manifesting in my life. Luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend that shows me way more grace than I deserve at times, and reminds me daily that I do inflict these feelings upon into him.

3. When do you feel you officially became a woman and no longer a girl? What caused this in you?
I think I became a woman when I moved out of my parents house at the age of 18. Although I was still financially dependent on them, I have always been incredibly independent, so getting out of the house really made me feel like I was finally a woman. At times I still question whether I really am or not, usually because older generations make comments about how our generation is immature and unprepared for life, but I know I am and that I can take on the world as a STRONG woman instead of a just a girl.

4. Are you proud to be a woman? Or do you feel you have to hide parts of your true self/heart? If so, which?
Honestly, I am so proud. I really feel so empowered lately, especially since starting a blog and becoming a part of this incredibly supportive and encouraging community. I can be extremely open with my readers, even on controverisal topics, and still get positive encouragment. That, I am so thankful for, and it makes me happy to be a woman.

5. Do you find yourself feeling like "too much" and "not enough" all at the same time?
All. the. time. I have these moments where I think I am not doing enough work in terms of my relationship and friendships, as well as my fitness/training. I always feel like I should be doing more. But when it really comes down to it, I know I really do put my all into things, and getting down on myself for not doing "enough" is a waste of time.

6. Is brokenness shown enough in the church to give you hope in your condition? (Do people show that blessing comes even in vulnerability and shame and brokenness? That you don't need your act together to be blessed?)
Although I LOVE my church, I really did relate to this part of the book that discusses a lack of brokenness and vulnerability being displayed in our churches. Maybe it really just is that all the women leaders in my church are full of grace and patience and giving, but then again, maybe it's not. I know women in my church that hide their mental illness, something I feel should not be hidden. Despite this, I do see a fair share of vulnerability and brokenness in my youth group, which does provide me with the realness I need. It also makes me thankful that these kids are willing to be open with me and share their struggles with me so that I can offer them the guidance I sometimes wished I had more of when I was their age.


Fitness AND June's Goals

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen the following photos from my pilates "studio." I am blessed enough to work at a beautiful private golf club in the recreation department, where they also allow me to teach pilates [and power-walking]! Teaching these classes really reminds me how much I love my job.

I do not tend to do much blogging about fitness on this little space. Not because I am not interested in it (if you know me you would probably say I'm slightly obsessed with it), but because it is so deeply ingrained in my life that I barely take to the time to think about it, or blog about it. BUT, if anyone has any fitness related questions, I would LOVE to answer them, just leave me a comment below or e-mail me!

Anyways, that little rant is besides my goal for this post. Many of you may have read about my goals for the month of June HERE. Since I haven't really been training for anything (with the move to Missouri coming up), I have decided just to set some goals for myself for the month of June. My goals are as follows:

Bike 300 miles
Run 75 miles

As of today, I have already biked 78.1 miles! My commute to work is about 28 miles roundtrip, so that really helps! Not to mention that Matt works at the same place so we can ride together (couples that exercise together, stay together!). Needless to say, I am feeling great about this goal so far. Running is not exactly the same story. I have been feeling burnt out on running for a while. I was able to get 3.5 miles in today, but I still need to average about 19 miles a week to reach my goal. Despite my lack of motivation, I am confident I can reach the goal, and I have been setting myself up for success by planning time for runs and setting up runs with friends. Wish me luck, I'll keep everyone posted with weekly updates of how I am doing!

Happy Tuesday, friends.


Stirring Up More Controversy Over Here

Ah... if you have been following me for a while, you may have read my post on misconceptions about Christians, which stirred up quite a bit of controversy for this lady. AND if you've been here a while, you might also know that I tend to have my opinions about things. Well, if you don't want to hear my opinion, I would encourage you to avoid this post, because it is not lacking in the opinions area.

That being said, please watch the following video by Macklemore (called "Same Love," which I mistakenly called "One Love" in my vlog, oops) before watching my vlog:

Did you watch it? No... seriously, you MUST watch it before moving on. Really though. Go watch it!

You can find Marcos' guest post from Matt's blog that I mention in the video, HERE

One quote that I forgot to mention is, "Scripture is full of life! BUT using it as a license to put people in bondage is not a good thing. Likewise, using the Bible to control how people live is a gross misusage." No need to elaborate there.

Excuse my awkwardness and excessive hair touching, I think was a tad nervous? Please feel free to leave your comments below or e-mail me.


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