The next six weeks of my life will carry change upon change (to say the last six months of my life hasn't as well would be a joke). Matt and I are opening our first bank account together today and putting an offer on a house. I'm currently moving out of my apartment and will stay with a sweet couple from church until our August 3rd move to Missouri. We will be attempting to navigate not only having our first home and living together, but planning a wedding in an unfamiliar state, all while I start one of the most rigorous educational programs around.

Doesn't' this just look joyful?

Although some are scared by change, I absolutely love it.  As overwhelming as it can be at the time, I thrive on knowing that Matt and I are about to drive off into the sunset to some unknown state and start our lives together. This just makes my heart so full.

I know that even when things do get scary, we can trust in God to carry us through them. It's important to me that our relationship is centered on Him, especially during these next few weeks of change, because although things may get crazy, He is the one we need to be looking to throughout.

and, speaking of change, Google Reader will be no more in a few days so hop on over to Bloglovin' and follow me there!


  1. These are the best kind of changes!! It'll be so fun to move through this engagement and see what all The Lord will do. :) will you be living in the house or will he?? I know I was disappointed when Ty moved in and I didn't get to!! Haha! Not fair!

  2. i am so with you on the change part! I do kind of love it. lol. I do realize not everyone is like that--but you definitely have some adventures ahead of you! One of those things you mentioned are intense..but all at once? Intense and exciting are just the tip of the iceberg. :) And I love what you said, the He is at the center and will carry you through! So true!

  3. <3 i can't wait to watch your adventure with matt begin. so excited to hear how God is moving through your relationship and in your life.

    love, renee

  4. Such and EXCITING time!!!! Can't wait to see all the fun you two will have!


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