Love where you live.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in one of the most beautiful places on this side of the country- Santa Rosa, California. Santa Rosa is a part of Sonoma County, which is famous for its wine country. It has just about the perfect climate, is 45 minutes from the ocean and San Francisco, and full of GREEN rolling hills. I truly miss this place.

Cycling with Matt out towards Napa.

A favorite beach of mine.

Now, I live in Flagstaff, Arizona. I lived in Phoenix for a few years after Santa Rosa, and oh boy was it an adjustment. After moving to Flagstaff, I immediately started to feel more at home. Flagstaff is at about 7,000 feet, is a old railroad town (like Santa Rosa), has a WAY more mild climate than Phoenix and is full of great outdoorsy outlets. Since moving here I have never lived more than a half mile from our large trail system, and never further than 5 minutes from great hiking. Not to mention we are an hour and a half from the Grand Canyon and 45 minutes from Sedona. Additionally, Flagstaff is a small hippy town that really focuses on local sustainability, which is a lot like Santa Rosa. It is definitely a nice home away from home, except for the fact that we get snow here!

Show shoeing through the Aspens.

Riding out near one of our town lakes.

Not the best quality, but how can you beat sunsets like these with the mountains as a backdrop?!

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  1. This is so beautiful! What a glorious place to live.

  2. love this! I think I may do a similar post since I finally am back at it!!! like you, moving a long distance from your childhood home is a crazy experience, especially when that means moving to the Deep South! ha'n and now you get to move again to Missouri! can't wait to become real life friends!!! :)))))))))))

  3. We lived in Arizona for a bit, Tempe. I miss is so much.

  4. Amen girl! I grew up in Northern California and then moved to Southern California. At first it was a hard adjustment, but community makes all the difference and I love it:) And of course, I LOVE living in Nepal now:) haha! love Katie

  5. i LOVE Flagstaff! I've only been through while I was driving cross country once (We started in Alabama and Flagstaff was our first stop -- after driving straight for 36 hours!!) so your city was a sight for these sore (and sleepy) eyes! But seriously, the next morning it was 4 degrees. We had to wait till it warmed up so we could start the car! But i loved the location, nestled at the foot of the mountains. GORGEOUS.

  6. I grew up in AZ! I spent seven years in Pinetop a few hours from Flagstaff and several more years in Phoenix. Now I live all the way in TN. It is so different!

    Glad to have found your blog!


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