Redeeming Love

This post has been a long time coming, it's some serious stuff and I have been majorly putting it off. Since I have the day off, I figured today should be the day I finally write it, despite the fact I should definitely be packing instead. 

I recently finished the book, "Redeeming Love" that a sweet friend gave me as a graduation gift. I'm not typically one for love stories, but this one really spoke directly to my heart. It is based on the book of Hosea. The book goes a little something like this: Michael Hosea, a man after God's heart, follows God's plan for him to marry a harlot who has been abandoned and abused time and time again, especially by men. Angel, the prostitute, runs away from him repeatedly, and he follows her every time with the exception of once, during which he trusts that God will lead her back to him. Although Angel feels unworthy of his love, through Micheal's steadfast love and God's faithfulness, she comes to develop a faith of her own and eventually discovers God's plan all along was for them to be together.

Literally, throughout this whole book I was thinking to myself, this story was written about Matt and I. OK, maybe less dramatic, but seriously, it is so much like our story. When I met Matt, I had been in numerous bad relationships, and had a very negative view of men. Yet, he was kind of this guy that I put up on a pedestal. I wondered why he hadn't been swooped by some nice Christian gal yet. When we started dating, I almost felt guilty that I wasn't that Christian girl, and felt like I should run fast in the opposite direction to save him from me, just as Angel did with Micheal Hosea. I remember thinking a few times that I was going to ruin him. But, he showed me time and time again that he was going to love me regardless of whether or not I had the faith he wanted me to have, even when I was running fast for cover and acting like a crazy person to scare him away. I tested him a lot in the beginning, something I am not proud of, but something that he always dealt with well.

His trust in God during this time makes my stomach have butterflies. I can't even imagine how hard it was for him to trust that God had a plan for us. I was definitely nowhere near knowing Christ when we met, as a matter of fact, I was adamantly against ever knowing Him. Yet he still found the strength to stick with me, and I am SO happy he did. This book really put into perspective how a marriage should be, and it makes me thankful that I have found a man that will uphold his end of the deal so to speak. It gives me peace knowing that he is so much like Michael Hosea, always putting his trust in the Lord to come through for us even during the dark times.

I am going to be baptized this Sunday, which is special for the both of us. It's something I never thought would happen, but I am ready to commit my life to Jesus. 

Has anyone else learned something huge from this book?!

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  1. This is seriously so beautiful i'm on the verge of tears. I read this book and LOVED it...changed my life. I seriously am in awe at how wonderful our fiance it! Please high five him for me, will you? That is Christ's love shining through him!! Love you CAss! love KAtie

  2. This has probably been my favorite piece of fiction I've read this year! Thank you for sharing!

  3. i've heard a lot about this book..i think i might put it next on my list!

    congratulations on getting baptized! that's exciting. sounds like God is doings beautiful things in your life. :)

  4. Oh yes! I relate to this so much! This book is amazing--and I thought the same thing about me and my husband! Haha. I recommend it to everybody! So glad God brought Him into your life---sounds like you are super blessed! :)

  5. What an amazing blessing that God has done so much in your life and has brought such a godly man to you! Congratulations on your baptism! What a precious step - showing people your full faith in God! :-)

  6. WOW!!! I'm reading this a year later :) but WOW! So amazing, Cassie! First, that book is my favorite and always will be! And I'm not one for love stories in books either. Second, how amazing that Matt stuck with you and loved you like Hosea! Every time I read one of your posts, I just want to learn more about your life and your faith. It's so encouraging to me! Glad you linked back to this post! :)


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