Stirring Up More Controversy Over Here

Ah... if you have been following me for a while, you may have read my post on misconceptions about Christians, which stirred up quite a bit of controversy for this lady. AND if you've been here a while, you might also know that I tend to have my opinions about things. Well, if you don't want to hear my opinion, I would encourage you to avoid this post, because it is not lacking in the opinions area.

That being said, please watch the following video by Macklemore (called "Same Love," which I mistakenly called "One Love" in my vlog, oops) before watching my vlog:

Did you watch it? No... seriously, you MUST watch it before moving on. Really though. Go watch it!

You can find Marcos' guest post from Matt's blog that I mention in the video, HERE

One quote that I forgot to mention is, "Scripture is full of life! BUT using it as a license to put people in bondage is not a good thing. Likewise, using the Bible to control how people live is a gross misusage." No need to elaborate there.

Excuse my awkwardness and excessive hair touching, I think was a tad nervous? Please feel free to leave your comments below or e-mail me.


  1. Loved this post! We need more people like you who are brave enough to share their opinions and expose the prejudices that we're faced with everyday. I love the song as well, I mentioned it in one of my Blog Everyday In May posts (http://arrowstheblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/five-songs-that-speak-to-you-or-bring_29.html)
    Thanks for always keeping it honest and real, it's what keeps me coming back again and again!

  2. hey there. found you thru another blog. I'm now your newest blogger via gfc and blog lovin. I know GFC is suppose to disappear soon they say. not sure tho.

    you can find me at pinkowl07.blogspot.com

    Would love for you to check me out. have a great Monday

  3. AMEN girl! you took the words right out of my mouth :) we ALL sin and fall short of the glory of God, every single day. we try time and again to turn away from our sin, but we will never be successful. we are imperfect. and condemning others just because their sin doesn't look like our own sin...just reminds me of that verse about taking the speck out of our own eye before removing it from our brothers. there's nothing wrong with love--it's a positive and uplifting thing in this world, and everyone should have the right to love whoever they want :)

    thanks for speaking out about this! love your heart, lady!


  4. Everything about this post is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and it is refreshing to see another Christian woman preaching about equality and love for ALL rather than dismissing people from the church just because of who they Love. I can't stress enough my overall feeling on this topic is GOD loves Everyone!! That video by Macklamore almost made me cry. I am a nurse and I have taken care of patients that are homosexual and I see their partners standing by them through their sickness. It is a beautiful thing to have a relationship like that and everyone in this world needs someone to be there for them through the thick and thin. At my second job many of the women I work with are very conservative christian women. And even though we are preaching the gospel and trying to prevent women from having abortions, many women in the office would disagree wholeheartedly with the views of this post. It breaks my heart and also troubles me that I can't stand up to them to say I feel completely different. I know compared to the women I work with I am of a younger generation and it is hard for them to wrap their mind around the gay community. However I know that there were just as many homosexuals during their young adulthood but they didn't have a means of expressing themselves because of so much backlash. I am glad that you touched on the part of the song that states "would rather die than be yourself" because that was my favorite part. It saddens me so much to think that these people see no other way out! I hope that as a christian community we can continue to break down stereotypes and preach to people that God loves you NO MATTER WHAT! sorry for the long comment..this post was just too great not to comment a lot :)

  5. I love the quote "Scripture is full of life! BUT using it as a license to put people in bondage is not a good thing. Likewise, using the Bible to control how people live is a gross misusage." That can be applied to so many things. I am totally unsure as to where I stand on this whole topic but I DO agree wholeheartedly that no matter what, people deserve respect and love with no expectation on them to become straight all of a sudden. Too many people 'love' with strings attached. Judah Smith had a great podcast a while ago that was all about loving people with absolutely no expectation on them to 'stop being sinners.'

    The senior pastor of my church befriended a gay man a while ago, and he invited him to church. The guy asked "do you accept gay people at your church?" My pastor said "No. And we don't accept straight people either. We just accept people." I love that so much. Labels can divide people unnecessarily. We are all just people who are in desperate need of a loving saviour. That's all I need to know.

    Thanks for sharing your heart and not being afraid to be a little bit controversial! Too often people keep their mouths shut and make things a taboo subject when really God wants them out in the open so we can all learn together!

    Francesca xo


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