When Blogging Friends Become "Real Friends"

I do not feel that I express my love for this little community enough. Seriously, who would have thought that when I started this blog a few months ago I would meet some of the most AMAZING ladies I have ever "met" in my life? Like, seriously. I have gone 22 years without meeting people with the life experiences, struggles, advice, and love I have received from some of you.

I find myself talking to people about my blogging friends, sending you all e-mails when something reminds me of you, and taking time out of my day to catch up on what you are doing and give you little pieces of my heart in return. Your posts bring me smiles, tears, and opportunities for growth.

At first, I was unsure whether bloggers were just replying to my comments to act like they really thought I was contributing something great in order to keep me coming back, or whether they were actually genuine. These past few months have shown they are VERY GENUINE and for that I am thankful.

It has been so amazing to be able to openly share my happy days, sad days, milestones, and failures. Especially because I always receive nothing but love and support in return. To me, this space is not about becoming popular, it is about sharing my heart with the hopes that I will make real connections with positive and encouraging gals, and I feel like that has been nothing but successful.

So, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for being so awesome. For becoming some of my closest "real life" friends, despite the fact that many of us are nowhere near close physically. That, is something special, and I hope to actually meet some of you one day!


  1. So many genuine women! I'll always be grateful for how the Lord has used this community in my life. I love that you have the same thoughts as I do!!

  2. i can't wait to become in-person friends. this is going to happen soon. :)

    love, renee

  3. what a sweet post! that's my favorite part about blogging too--the connections you make with other people. they really do become your friends! so glad you started blogging :) i love reading your insightful, heartfelt posts!


  4. i am thankful for all of youuuuu!!! you guys are always genuine : )

  5. you're amazing cassie! i'm so glad that you chose to sponsor me so i could 'meet' you as well : )


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