A Something Beautiful Giveaway

Good morning lovely readers. I feel like I have been absent for quite some time now. After finishing a 55+ hour work week, I am ready to jump back into committing time to my blog. My sister is getting married this weekend so I will be heading out of town, but I promise I have some great posts planned for you while I am away. But for today... 

I'm beyond excited to host this giveaway for my lovely sponsor, Lauren. She is a real sweet lady, with a crafty talent and a great mission behind her craft.

Lauren is a small-town newlywed with a passion for helping others. In addition to working at a pregnancy center, Lauren owns the etsy shop Something Beautiful. All of the proceeds from her shop go towards a second trip to Tanzania, Africa. After visiting four years ago on a medical mission trip, she fell in love with it and cannot wait to return.

After collaborating with Lauren, we have decided to offer a giveaway of a piece that really represents the goal of her shop, and my blog.

How adorable is this piece? I know it would look great in my place, on my bookshelf particularly. You can see more photos here.


  1. Love Lauren and her creativity!

  2. I'd love to hang it in my craft room!

  3. I would put it on my desk to remind me every time I look at it!

  4. I would hang this unique gift in my living room, if I win.


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