An Update on June's Fitness Goals

Cycling: 194.9 of 300
Running: 22.4 of 75

Although I did not reach my fitness goals for the month of June, I am still happy with my accomplishments. On top of riding and running, I teach pilates and swim, so even though I fell short, I know I still maintained my fitness and health this last month. Let me tell you, working overtime almost every week on top of wedding planning and preparing for a move makes it really hard to keep up with goals. Add in all the traveling, and it's even more difficult! I admire those ladies that have kids, because finding time for yourself is even more difficult.

My running numbers really makes my rut more apparent. Lately, I have just been really burnt out on running. I have gotten to the point where forcing myself to reach my goal was not an option. I do not want to make running a punishment, therefore, I have decided that if I am feeling burnt out, I am simply going to take a break and do something else active until that drive to run comes back. In addition to that, I took a pretty good wound to the ankle at work a few weeks ago, and it is just now starting to feel better. Despite that, I was able to get in a few good runs during the month, especially with friends, which helps with the motivation factor a bit more! On July 4 I will be running the annual Four on the Fourth in town, so at least I have that to look forward to! Although I do not think I can beat my time from last year, I'm just ready to race!

Not sure if you can tell how swollen my ankle is here. This was before the bruising. 
I hope you're not eating right now. I seriously get the worst blisters because I pronate so badly. 

On July 20 I have the 45 mile Taylor House ride, so I have been doing quite a bit of riding to stay in shape for that, and it is kicking my butt! I'm also heading up a Cycling Club at work for our members, which is giving me plenty of riding partners! I'm glad I have fallen in love with cycling over the last year or so, because it has really helped me get back into shape after returning from Scotland.

I would really love to get back into triathlons once Matt and I move to Missouri in August. It is just too difficult to train with such strange hours at work, so I am looking forward to having a schedule again when my PhD program starts up in the fall. I'm also looking forward to meeting people I can train with!

For the month of July, I simply plan to stay active. I try not to set too many goals, because it can sometimes take the fun out of it when I do not meet them. So, I am just going to enjoy working out, no strings attached. What are you goals for July?

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