Charity Rides and Kilts

My weekend was just that, a charity ride and some kilts [and some work thrown in for "good" measure]. Well, sort of. Friday after work, I sent off my "will you be my bridesmaid" gifts! They still do not know who they are (although I am sure they assume), but once they do I am going to do a post on what I did for them! Friday evening was spent with my lovely fiance. We had received a gift card to a local place in town for our engagement, so we stopped in for some dinner. Monsoons were CRAZY that night, and it was coming down hard when we were finished up with dinner. We literally RAN from the restaurant to a coffee shop next door, where we had to camp out for another 30 min or so before it was clear enough to run back to the car. Life is always fun with this guy, even when it is pouring down rain.

A big hot chocolate and shy finace.

Saturday morning was the 45 mile Taylor House Charity ride, an annual ride in Flagstaff. The longest ride I did to train for this was 30 miles, which had me pretty terrified, especially since I knew the ride wasn't only 45 miles, but that it also had about 2,000 feet of climbing. Despite being a little scared, I suited up and met my friend Jessica and her husband, Owen, at the start line. I love riding in a big group, there's something about the pack mentality, especially since we had a police escort the first few miles. To say this ride was not mentally and physically challenging for me would be an understatement, but I did it! I really had to force myself to hydrate and take electrolyte supplements frequently, and I felt like dying towards the end, but I DID IT! And I'm pretty happy about that.

Sunday, I was finally able to go to church after missing the last few weeks due to work. After that, Matt and I met my parents for brunch at one of our favorite places in town, Josephine's. You can't beat sitting outside on the patio with a mimosa and tasty food.

Following this, we headed to the Celtic Festival in town, which was really cool. We got to see the Highland Games, different Celtic bands,  and all the different clans. For this Scotland loving gal, this was pretty fun for me. Plus there was beer, and well, lets be honest, that makes most things better. The rest of the evening was spent with my future in-laws and my parents having an early dinner. Can't beat beer brats, corn, potato salad, and pecan pie to finish it off.

It was really nice spending some time with my fiance and our families since we are moving so soon. As of today I officially have 9 days left of work and 12 before we pack up our U-haul and begin our adventure.

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