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When I was first discovering my faith, I had a really hard time with the whole "submission" concept. I saw it as oppressive towards women, as something that women should never strive to become. After all, we were meant to be strong and independent, right? At least that is what society tells us. I had a lot of questions, and often looked to Matt for answers. Of course he didn't have all the answers (that poor guy, I must have given him so many headaches), as most of us don't, so he directed me to this series of videos from Matt Chambers (there are many, but I am just listing the first 3 parts). They are long, but so worth it. If you haven't watched them before, I strongly recommend watching at least the first!


  1. I'm with you, being 'submissive' was such a dirty word to me. I always thougth "i'd never be submissive", but I just didn't know what that really meant. Great points.

  2. Okay so I'm housesitting for Ed today, I've just watched the first video and I think I've just found my viewing for the rest of the day :p SO good! Thanks for sharing :) xo


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