Finish the sentence

I just absolutely adore this link-up, it always has me cracking up when I read others answers. So, "finish the sentence" round 2 here I come.

If I had one extra hour in the day... I would sleep. Seriously, today I am just feeling like I could sleep the whole day away and feel great about it.

I wish my name... was easier for older people to get. I swear, my name was not from previous generations so most people over the age of 45 think my name is "Kathy." So. Annoying.

I think anything chevron is... overused. It's cute, I get it, but that doesn't mean we all need a chevron pillow on our beds.

My last nightmare... had something to do with Matt breaking up with me. Not sure we can break up at this point, but you know what happens when  you have crazy sleep deprived dreams.

Sometimes... I really wonder if anyone thinks I'm even remotely humorous when I fill these out.

My last meal on earth would be... sushi and beer. And maybe some cheesecake, or a whole cheesecake.

I would much rather... be already living in Missouri with my man then still be working in Flagstaff.

Mayonnaise... makes me want to gag. Literally. I can't even do it.

10 years ago, I didn't think... I would be engaged. Seriously, I thought I would be 30 before I even met a nice guy. I got slapped in the face on that one, but in the best way possible of course.

Selfishly... I'm hiding inside at work to escape the humidity while my poor staff work outside.

My favorite show on TV right now... isn't really on TV since I don' have cable right now. Instead, my go-to has been watching the Bachelorette on Hulu. Winning.

And, George Zimmerman... yeah.....


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  1. I have a friend Kathy and another from Cassie. I feel like I really have to over pronunciate their names. hahah

    Stopping by from the link up.

    I'm a MO blogger!


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