Friday's Letters

Dear Boss, thank you for sending me home early yesterday so I could watch a movie and nap with my fiancé, I really wasn't feeling super well and today I'm feeling much better. Dear work, please be nice to me this next week and a half, I really would like to leave on a happy note. Dear fiancé, please teach me how to use your fancy camera so I can stop torturing everyone with my horrible iPhone photos. Dear new house, I am absolutely obsessed with you and cannot wait to get the keys August 6th! Dear Jenna, I hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon with your new husband, but I miss talking to you. Dear mom and Andrew, I'm pretty excited you guys are coming to visit Sunday, we're packing brunch, the Celtic festival, and dinner all into one trip! Dear graduate school, it is just now hitting me that I will be facing you in the near future, please be nice to me. Dear coffee, you are getting me through this early morning at work. Dear bridesmaids, I know I haven't officially asked you yet, but you can expect something super adorable in the next few days or so (hopefully soon because I really want to write a post on it). Dear Flagstaff weather, I love you this time of year but oh man is it hard to want to workout in a monsoon. Dear Snail Mail Collective, you have been super fun and today I am sending Megan my package, woot woot!


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  1. Getting the keys to a new house is such a great feeling!!! So exciting!


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