Lately, with so many big life changes coming my way, I have really been trying to be in the moment. In doing this the last week or so, I have noticed one recurring theme. The people in my life are so incredibly generous, most of the time for no reason at all. Although generosity surely is not always material, there have been a few material things that have reinforced this theme.

1. I did some dog/house sitting for a friend this last weekend while she went to Vegas on vacation. I was honestly expecting nothing for it since she was allowing me to have my own space for a whole weekend, and basically gave me permission to raid her fridge. Despite the fact that I was not expecting anything, she surprised me with a sweet card and some gas money for our big trip! 

2. Last Saturday was the final BIG event I did at work. It was a food, wine, and art show. I was in charge of the art show. As a thank you for all of my hard work, one of the photographer's wives gave me a sweet package of cards with his photos on it! He is incredibly talented and only does it as a side job! You can see more from him HERE.

3. A Chia Pet. Yes, I was pretty excited about this one. A member at my work had donated it to the Recreation Center, and my boss knew I wanted one so he gave it to me as a "going away gift." I'll take it. 

4. On Sunday evening, my mom took me to the Sedona Rouge Hotel which is about 45 miles south of Flagstaff. She treated me to a massage, facial, and some great food/wine. It was nice to get some final time in before I leave this weekend. 

5. As a going away gift, my pastors presented this Lutheran Study Bible to me on behalf of the congregation. I really wasn't expecting anything more then a going away blessing, but this made my heart so happy. My pastors knew I had been using an OK bible that I bought while in Scotland, but that I needed something that could help me better understand what I was reading since I am so new in my faith. I am so grateful for how God has moved in my life through this church. I am going to seriously miss them.  

6. Finally, another one of the artists (well, authors) at the art show on Saturday gave me a signed copy of his book "Ida's Story" as a thank you. It is really refreshing to have people recognize my work and be genuinely grateful. 

The point of this post isn't to completely brag about the great gifts I have received, but to remind myself and my readers that being generous, no matter how small it might be, makes a difference in someone's life. I have been overwhelmed, albeit excited, about the changes coming up, so it has been nice to be reminded that I have supportive people in my life who care about me.

The theme of generosity also got me thinking about how generous God is. He generously gave us His only son so that we might be forgiven. He continues to generously bless us even when we go against Him and deny Him. He constantly seeks to be in a relationship with us and give to us despite the resistance we may put forth at times. He gives us rain, and shelter, and food, and protection, I mean talk about generosity!

So friends, I encourage you to give more generously whether that is to a friend in need, your church, or a charity. Give to the person behind you in the drive thru by buying their meal, give a busy friend a home cooked meal for no reason, or agree to house sit for a friend so they might go enjoy themselves on vacation (and you might just get a gas card out of it, just kidding!!). As Proverbs 11:24 tells us, those whom give freely grow richer, and might I add closer to the Lord. 

As a side note, please bear with me over the next week or so as we move to Missouri. I might be a little absent from this space, but you know you can always keep up with me on Instagram and that I will be reading your blogs on our travels!


  1. i love this! and it's so true, you don't have to spend a lot in order to be generous. it can be a small gift or even acts of service that will really stand out to a friend!

  2. Oh generosity does make the world go round! Looks like you have some very thoughtful people in your life and little surprising gifts like that usually mean more then the big ones. I have also felt very blessed lately from great weather to being able to pick up extra shifts at work. But I must always remember each and every blessing is from The Lord :)


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