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While I am off watching my lovely sister get married this weekend, I thought I would introduce you all to a wonderful friend of mine, Katie. Enjoy.

Hello sweet readers! my name is Katie and I am so honored to be guest posting for Cassie today as she is on vacation. I just adore this little space, and Cassie's honest and genuine heart:)

My husband Kevin and I are currently living in Nepal, working in an aftercare home with girls rescued out of sex-trafficking...

"wait, wheeerrrreeee?" you might ask.
Don't worry, I was pretty clueless where this mysterious land of Nepal was a few years ago too.
Actually, I was pretty clueless about a lot of things.
You see, my husband and I grew up in sunny california,
spending massive amounts of time at the beach, going to disneyland, eating mexican food, etc.
ie: a wee bit insulated

but a few years ago Kevin and I started asking ourselves a question,
"does our life and marriage matter?"
 I mean, yes, we knew our lives mattered to us and our families and friends.
But beyond that, was our life and marriage making the world a more beautiful place?
Our hearts craved a vision where our marriage was about more than just "us" and being comfy.
{don't get me wrong, I still love my fro-yo and bach same as the next girl}
But man oh man, it sure can be hard gaining perspective on the deeper things in life when you live in the midst of some of the richest zip codes in the US. 
Where driving a range rover is absolute top priority.
so we figured, as christians, we'd see what the heck Jesus did when he was on earth.
{i mean, JC's a pretty good place to start when you're looking for answers, right?}
and pretty much it was this...
he hung out with the poor, the prostitutes, the hurting and the broken.
and guess what? this scared us half to death...like no joke. 
last time we checked we didn't know any poor people or prostitutes. epic fail.

so we decided to get a lil' brave, 
and ask God to show us what this might look like smack dab in the middle of Orange County.
aaannndddd He did.
just two miles from where Kevin grew up was an immigrant neighborhood we'd never even noticed before.
and so with our knees knocking, we decided to move in, and it changed our life. 
that was the start of our marriage on mission.
but then, God continued to surprise us. 
It's like He was taking our humble little vision for our marriage and putting it into high gear.
just about 7 months ago, Kevin and I were approached and asked if we would consider moving to Nepal to work at an aftercare home for girls rescued out of sex-trafficking.
we were speechless. 
turns out, the exact jobs God had placed us in the years prior were the very skills this home was looking for to help them build their infrastructure.
wwaaaiiitttt, what?

So yes, in a matter of a few months, we quit our jobs, packed up our life, and now live in one of the most colorful and vibrant cultures i've ever experienced!
 From the moment we arrived, Nepal has been absolute delicious chaos. And while this in-your-face country has certainly given us some challenges (little electricity, dusty roads, monsoon rains), we are absolutely smitten with our new home! Every day we seem to get lost in the hues of gorgeous colors splashed about on clothing and buildings and food. Kevin and I love to take public transportation all around the city and explore the hundreds of years of history that seem to unfold around every corner.
But most importantly, we are ever so humbled at the work our marriage gets to take on each day. Many of you know that there are more slaves today than ever in our world's history. The precious ones that come to our home have often been trafficked across borders, their tiny bodies abused in the most horrendous and evil of ways. It breaks my heart and the tears constantly flow, but every day I am reminder over and over again that God is a redeemer, and i've seen first hand how the power of Christ's love has transformed these girls. Kev and I work on building the infrastructure for the home by doing policy/structural work as well as financial and accounting projects, but our favorite time is spent just hanging out with these brave sweet girls.
Their courage inspire us.  
{a sweet little hike with the girls}
And lastly, living abroad has allowed me to soak up life to the fullest each day with my beloved husband.
You guys...I get to be with him every minute of every day!! {insert massive smile and confetti!}
we walk all over the city together, we snuggle up at night after the electricity has gone out and talk and laugh and watch movies together, we attempt to cook together and buy fresh vegetables and fruit at the market together. we meet new people together, and love on these sweet girls together. We take each other to the doctors together, and slowly, painfully learn nepali together.
my favorite word.
It is like Abba has handed us this sacred gift of time,
where we have one goal and one heart to love and serve God.
{don't mind my majorly off-centered bindi! oh well!!} 

so i suppose that's where our little prayer got us.
i've learned that every marriage matters, because every marriage is a ministry.
no matter where we are.
so here's to be being brave with our lives) 

Thanks for letting me share my journey!
I'd love for you to stop on by my blog Hope Engaged and say hello as Kev and I continue our adventure in Nepal and this summer as we travel through Europe and SE Asia!
love katie


  1. Such an amazing story!!! So inspired by the love and passion you and your husband have in your marriage. Love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Ahhh thanks for having me Cass!!! Love ya, Katie


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