Inviting God to YOUR Wedding

When I was just engaged and wrote a post on glorifying God through wedding planning, a sweet blogging friend suggested the book, "Inviting God to your Wedding: and Keeping God in your Marriage." I have really loved this book so far, and I know it is important for me to take it seriously while reading it, and not just zip through as I sometimes do with books. I've also attempted to get M to read it, but that never turns out well for me... he's not exactly a bookworm like me.

“I knew that before I began organizing the most important event of my life, I needed to organize my heart.”

After attending my step-sister's wedding last weekend, I could not help but see myself in the same shoes a year from now. I also couldn't help but think about how important it is to me to have a spiritual wedding above everything else. I don't want to get caught up in the details, instead I want to focus on preparing myself for possibly one of the most spiritual days of mine and M's life.

“Because when God is there, suddenly all of your priorities are in order. You become less concerned about losing ten pounds before the last fitting. You’re not worried if it rains. Your highest priority is to get ready spiritually.”


This book has so many great quotes I just could not help but share with you all, and I am not even half way in yet! I mean seriously, this book is blowing me away!

“I think that’s why God puts such a great value on marriage, because it can be the best example on earth of His own love for us- unconditional, intimate, and forgiving.”


In the next year I want to make sure my heart is focused on preparing for my marriage, and not just my wedding. That above all I set my sights on Jesus and how important it is to have Him at the center of my relationship with M. 


  1. Hoping you and M find the way to make your day be about your love and your love of the Lord too.

  2. Thanks for recommending this book. Its definitely a must read for brides to be.

  3. God's word is so clear on how He values marriage! Such a beautiful thing! Excited for you!

    Got to catch up on your blog today...good to catch up with you, sweet friend!

  4. So glad you like it! Can you believe I just came across it at a bookstore that was going out of business. It was on major clearance but the price I got it for doesn't even compare to the priceless info I got from it! Enjoy!

  5. Sounds like a valuable book! One book my hubby and I found so wonderful to read while we were engaged was "When Sinners Say I Do." It's such a wonderful book about expectations and forgiveness and relying on God, not one another.

  6. *Sigh* I love this... and I love that you've chosen to focus on preparing for marriage rather than "simply" planning a wedding. Christ in the centre of your marriage = a successful marriage.

    Wishing you a beautiful day.

  7. I pinned this! I know I will be glad I did in the future :) So excited for the wonderful things in store for you cass!

    <3 Jess

  8. Love this! These quotes alone make me want to check it out, even though we're not engaged yet. Will definitely have to look into this! Thanks for sharing :) It really is the most important part of the wedding--it's all for God :)


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