Snail Mail Collective: Maryland

If you haven't heard of the Snail Mail Collective, I suggest you check it out and sign up here. Anyways, this month I was linked up with Megan over at Write Meg! This sweet gal from Maryland sent me the perfect package that I received yesterday.

Seriously, this lady knows me. I am obsessed with cooking, and I love crab cakes. I would say it's a win-win. I also got to learn a little about Maryland, a place this west-coaster knows little to nothing about!

I must thank my fiance for his photo services here. For those of you that didn't read Friday's Letters, I am aware that I post horrible iPhone photos far too often. I am working on it...


  1. so fun!!!! and i love the pictures. :)

  2. i'm so glad you got your package! i can't wait to see everyone's! and what a perfect thing to put in there!

  3. Aww, yay! So happy you liked the Old Bay, and I love your shots. Hope your crab cakes turn out awesome, and it was so fun chatting and "meeting" you. :) Sending lots of good vibes your way as you embark on your next adventure!


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