Some things I'm currently loving.

My time alone. M has been out of town for the last week or so and does not get back until tomorrow night. Although it has been hard having him be away for so long, I have been enjoying being able to go for a quiet walk alone or spend a little more time reading in bed on a Friday night. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for him to get back, but as an introvert I desperately need that time alone, especially with work being so crazy the last week.

The mountain. I love how serene it is, and how it can be seen from all over town. Right now it is just in my backyard.

The movie "Safe Haven." I watched it last night and it had me in tears, like five different times. Not the "no I'm not crying" tears, tears that are very obvious and in no way flattering. That one hit home big time.

The fact that M and I move in a month, and our cute little home. I'm struggling to hang on to my sanity at work lately. I can't wait to get a fresh start and get away from all of this stress. And of course I can't wait to get the keys to our place!!

Monsoons. Monsoon season is in full swing here in Flagstaff. I love our afternoon storms. It keeps things cool around this part of the state and gives me a reason to stay cuddled up in bed during afternoon naps for a bit longer.

Americanos. I just can't stop. I won't stop. Since I moved back to the west side of town, it has been nice to be able to walk to my favorite little coffee shop and grab some caffeinated goodness.

My sweet sponsor, Lauren. This girl has the sweetest heart, and a crafty little etsy shop of her own!


  1. Oh I like the last line ;) haha! Thanks for the shout-out!
    Alone time is definitely a must and a great time to do some reading and deep thinking. I absolutely love the movie Safe Haven! Just finally saw it a week ago and was really surprised by the ending :) Good luck with the new home and I expect to see a big post about the house with pictures! :)

  2. HOORAY on being homeowners. :) We just are always livin the same lives across the USA ;) I am such an introvert too. I miss Ronnie when he's gone but I don't hate quiet alone time!


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