I have been putting off this post for a few weeks now, but I think it is finally time to write it. Since beginning my PhD program, and recognizing how certain forms of social media can impact my current and future career, I have decided that my blog should shut down. There are very clear guidelines making it clear that anything I put on the internet can and will be used in evaluations of my performance. Although I do not think I post particularly bad things on this space, my personal opinions and lifestyle choices may be different from others (as a matter of fact they most definitely are) and that always leaves room for conflict. This was not an easily made decision, and it was one that I have been praying over for some time now. It is always a difficult choice when you have to make decisions you do not want to make for the sake of your future.

I am still not quite ready to let this community go. The biggest thing that hurts me over shutting down my blog is that I feel I will lose the friendships I have developed, and I will stop helping people. But, I hope everyone knows that just because I will not continue to write does not mean that I will not continue to read what everyone else writes. Even the last few weeks I have been keeping up with everyone, and I fully plan to in the future.

This little blog has been transformational for me in terms of my faith, relationships, and more. I ask for support and understanding in this decision, as it still is not easy for me. Despite this, I know it will be best for my career, and therefore it will be best for me and my future husband, my future family, and my current and future colleagues and mentors.

I hope that you all will continue to follow me on instagram and twitter, and that you will e-mail me if you ever feel compelled.

As one last hoorah, I have posted the final part of my bridesmaid series at Koinonia! Check it out here.


  1. It's a hard decision and we'll miss you! But I'll keep in touch over instagram!!!

  2. You'll be missed! Wishing you the best in your future endeavors, both career and personal. I have no doubt you will do well!

  3. Cassie! This made me so sad, but of course I understand:) PLEASE stay in touch:) You are so beautiful and such an inspiration to many!! Much love girl, love Katie


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