How to Stay Fit from your Living Room: Fitness Blender

Some of you may already know the importance I place on self-care and fitness. Some of you might also know that any desire to go outside during a Midwest winter for any reason at all is near zero. That being said, my training regime during the winter typically involves cycling inside on the trainer, running on the treadmill, or driving myself to the gym. All of which require a level of motivation I usually do not have, especially before work in the mornings. Needless to say, my life was changed when I came across the best invention since sliced bread (gluten free bread, that is): FITNESS BLENDER.

See, my future in-laws purchased M and I a smart television for Christmas (a huge upgrade from what we had before). This smart TV has a YouTube app and it was only a matter of time before I came across the Fitness Blender miracle. Fitness Blender offers FREE full-length workout videos. This isn't one of those online workout videos that comes in 15 2-minute parts that you have to keep scrolling through. FULL LENGTH, GUYS! Also, they have such a variety of workouts. From pilates, to HIIT, to yoga, to cardio, to strength- you name it. Each video can be played from any device. The videos also vary in length, offer estimated calories burned, and many do not require any equipment- the living room workout's dream.Oh and did I mention they're FREE (who doesn't love free stuff)?!

Since M and I get up around 5:30am to workout before work (ouch), these videos have been AMAZING for us. We have been able to stay fit (and wedding-ready) all season, in only about 25-30 minutes 5ish days a week! Plus, this super cute husband and wife team makes working out fun for both of us! I plead you to check them out for your own good!

Here is a little sample:

Happy exercising- your body can thank me later!

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    1. You gotta give it a try and let me know what you think! I'm so obsessed.

  2. Thank you!!!!! Going to find this now and make a point to do this at least three days a week! :)


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