Five on Friday

ONE: I am beyond thrilled to take a little trip with M to our FINISHED wedding venue this weekend!!! We will also be finalizing with the caterer and decorator which we could not be more thrilled about. We also plan to stay in a fancy hotel in downtown Kansas City and finally visit the River Market!

TWO: Everyone is probably getting tired of me talking about our garden BUT it is just coming along so perfectly! We have oregano, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, spinach, and squash popping up like crazy! It has been so fun to watch our first garden grow together. PLUS I created these pinterest inspired wine cork garden stakes that are pretty cute!

THREE: Sooooo...my cat ate soap this week. Yes, you heard right. She really loves to get up on the bathroom counter while I am getting ready, which doesn't typically bother me, until this time when she scurried down, cowered in the corner, and began foaming at the mouth. It was really funny... once I realized she wasn't foaming at the mouth due to a seizure. She literally ate a chunk of liquid soap and was spitting up foamy bubbles. I. DIE. She's not very smart.

FOUR: My hard drive crashed this week at work. Within hours my office mate's computer basically blew up due to a power surge. It was an eventful day, let me tell you! Thank God we have a secure drive we save everything on to! But I had a moment where I was likeeeee:

FIVE: I really enjoyed the first In the Word Tuesday link-up. It was great reading about what God is teaching everyone lately. Please join us next Tuesday!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I know we will!


  1. hi from the link up! My husband is from a suburb outside of Kansas City and I love downtown Kansas City, have a blast! And LOVE your garden, I hope to have one one day. Yours looks great!

  2. WHOOHOOO!!!! what a fun weekend! can't wait to see pictures! ;) love the garden. thanks for reminding me to save everything on my external hard drive!

    :) i'm about to post a five on friday. xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, my dog would so eat soap!!! Surely it doesn't taste good??! And girl, your garden sounds amazing!!! Xo

  4. Ohhhhh I would love to have some fresh produce in my very own garden - the closest I get is the herb box hanging off the side of my little studio haha. Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Omg wedding venue - SO FUN!! :) have a blast. I cannot believe your cat ate soap, bahaha....so silly!!

  6. Gosh I have really been wanting to plant a garden! I just can't seem to find the time to even research it! Yours looks so good! Maybe I'll hit you up for tips!


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