How a Church Plant Changed my Life

M and I go to a church plant. A church plant that has changed my life in so many ways since we joined it, both spiritually and in other ways. How, you ask (or maybe you didn't but I'll tell you anyways)?:

I have begun learning the gospel for what it's really about- Jesus. Religion is not our thing, our Sundays involve singing a few songs, praying, going through the gospel exegetically, and singing a few more songs. We meet once a week in missional communities where we talk about the sermon in more detail. 

I now have a solid group of church friends that aren't just my "church friends." We see each other during the week- often multiple times. My friends pray for me, and I for them. They call me on my sin, and I on theirs. All because we love and care for each other as Christ loves and cares for us. We are so much more than just church friends.

Before coming to our church, I felt like I had these separate lives. Since I recently became a believer, I felt like I had two identities: my church identity and my other identity. Learning how to reconcile the two has not been easy. However, moving to a new state and attending a church where the majority of people are close to my age has made this reconciliation so much easier. 

I'm held accountable. Not only for my sin but for my pursuit of Jesus. For my pursuit of the lost and sharing the gospel. For never losing sight of the one who gave me life. This is a daily challenge for me and I am so glad to have a group of supporters encouraging me.

Our church plant has taught me that we are all human. Sharing our struggles openly each week is such a powerful experience. I always struggle with needing to be a better Christian, but you know what, these people remind me that I will never be. It is only by God's grace that I am saved, and I need to constantly remind myself that I do not need jump any hurdles to earn that.

We now have a close relationship with our Pastor and his family. They aren't these daunting figures in the church that only show up on Sundays to preach. They are there in our missional communities, cheering us on, sharing their own struggles, and caring for the church body. Not only is our Pastor officiating our wedding, but he is a guest at our wedding. It is so special to have a friendship, a true friendship, with the leaders of the church. I never felt this was something that I was lacking, and don't get me wrong, my old Pastors were amazing, but this is just different.

Needless to say, I had some fears when we decided to give a church plant a try. I was scared about what they would teach, what their "rituals" would look like, if the people would be real and open, and to be honest, it has exceeded all my expectations and all my fears have been alleviated. I am so excited to be a part of this community; it has changed my walk with Christ so much.

Want to know more? Check out Acts 29. What are you thoughts on church plants?

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  1. So what exactly is a Church Plant? I've never heard this term before? What does it mean? :)

    On another note, I am happy that you have found a place that so perfectly suits what you want and need in your life!! :)


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