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I am so happy to be sharing my heart with you all for the first In the Word Tuesday. Please consider joining Cassie and I today by linking up and using #inthewordtuesday on social media.

I have talked about my AMAZING church quite a few times, and I always feel like our lessons are teaching me so much. I feel absorbed by the gospel, especially lately. Last week we went through Acts 16. Acts 16 is a continuation of Paul, Timothy, and Silas's missionary journey. Although the Spirit leads them through many places, they finally stop in Phillpi. Here, they meet and save three very different people.

The first person, Lydia, is the "good girl." She is a businesswoman and a religious one. They stumble upon her at a prayer meeting, despite the fact that she is not saved. Here, Paul witnesses, and God saves her.

The second person, the slave girl, is Lydia's opposite. She is the demonized girl; owned by men. She mocks them and calls out after them sarcastically, but despite this, Paul still feels burdened for her (don't we all wish we could be more like Paul here?). The chapter then implies she is saved.

The third person is the jailer whom, after Paul and Timothy are beaten, imprisons and tortures them in the worst part of the prison. After, Paul and Silas start praying and singing hymns. God sends an earthquake upon the prison, resulting in the prisoners release. When the jailer discovers this, he attempts to kill himself, but Paul stops him. The short version here is: and then he was saved.

So, here we see God saving three VERY different people. If this does not imply that God's salvation isn't earned, I don't know what does. The gospel can and does work for anyone.

Some of us have a hard time really believing that God can save anyone, although we would all most likely verbally agree that He can. This really reminds me of my own testimony, because I was as far gone as one could be. I was an adamant atheist. I put my worth in my accomplishments, men (well.. boys honestly), and other tangible objects. Although I felt I was a good person with decent morals, something was still missing. I was the slave girl. I mocked religious people and their joy, and although I did not call out after them, I may as well have been. But then, God saved me. Not by my own will, but by His. And by my faithful fiancé M, who stuck by my side through all of my doubts and questions. BUT GOD STILL SAVED ME.

If you struggle with how God can ever save you, trust me when I say that He can.  You can't save yourself, but He can save you, and He will. If you struggle with witnessing to others because you fear they are "too far gone" remember that no one is too far gone. I hope that you would be as encouraged by this message as I am. If you would like to hear the full message, I would encourage you to listen to our podcast.

Thank you so much for joining us today, friends.

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  1. Wow!! How powerful!!! Thank you for sharing your heart and your testimony, Cassie. I'm over here jumping for joy about what God has done in your life! Praise Him!!! Thank you so much for the reminder that no one is "too far gone". I have been discouraged over the past year about a friend that came to know the Lord and then decided that it was malarky and completely separated herself from any belief in God. It saddens my heart because I really saw God at work in her. I needed this encouragement. Thank you Cassie! Love this post!!

  2. oh my goodness!!! This makes me so happy. I just love you and what the Lord has done with your heart in such a short time. You are on fire for Him and that is such a beautiful thing! I am beyond excited to see where this link up will take us and what we will learn along the way. So blessed to have you in my life!
    Love, Cas

    1. You're too good to me! Love you friend!


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