May Goals

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! If you follow along with me on Instagram, you probably saw the eventful weekend full of wedding festivities M and I had in Kansas City! We had  a great time.

Each month from here forward I will be posting my goals for the upcoming month. These goals will be aimed at helping to complete my 101 in 1001 list. I'm taking it easy on myself since I have so much coming in May. This includes finals, my bachelorette party in Las Vegas, my first dress fitting (my mom is visiting for this), our final venue walk through (and endless other wedding things), and the local Pedaler's Jamboree (a big bike ride)!

May Goals:
1. Send out 10 letters snail mail style.
2. Have someone over for a meal.
3. Continue reading my chronological study and journal through it.
4. Memorize a Bible verse.
5. Mow the grass (you're allowed to laugh at me, this allergy girl doesn't do grass)
6. Read 2 books.

What are you goals for this month? Do you have anything exciting coming up in May?!

Don't forget tomorrow is In the Word Tuesday! We would love for you to link up and share what God is placing on your heart lately. 


  1. Love your goals ... especially the writing 10 letters ... I still love to write and receive letters and I feel like I am alone on that one, so much fun seeing someone else enjoy it as well!

  2. I love your goals! Those are great, since you'll be so busy! I am glad that I made a 101 in 1001 goal list because it's really helped me come up with some creative dates with my husband.

  3. Love these goals, girlfriend!! Sounds like it is going to be a busy (but very exciting) month!! co

  4. oh I want to do goals! sounds fun!!

  5. fun goals!!! I need to do some snail mail also! :)

  6. Love this! What two books are you going to read?


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