Wedding Wednesday: DIY Details

I'm not a crafter. In fact, crafting kind of makes me crazy. My Type A perfectionist personality really struggles with the fact that the things I make look nothing (that might be an exaggeration) like they're supposed to when they're done. BUT when you get married, I feel like crafting is inevitable unless you can afford to hire lots of talented people to do it for you. Luckily, we hired the most AMAZING decorators that are going to save the day for us (If you're in the KC area, check them out!). BUT there are still some small touches I wanted to add. I figured I would share some of those projects here... (Excuse my less than perfect attempt at using M's camera on manual)

The first project involved making "advice cards." I of course saw something similar on pinterest and decided to give it a try. We have advice cards ranging from, "What should we name our kids" to "Share your best date idea with us." We're really looking forward to the fun advice we will get from our guests.  I made a ton of these by hand which was actually pretty fun. We bought a few of those cardstock greeting card sets from Walmart and I cut them in half along the premade fold line. Genius! I bought a little media box to stand them up in.

Since we both love Instagram, we want to make sure we use a hashtag where everyone can follow our day. It will also be fun to look back on later on! I got these templates online, you can find the one on the right  HERE. I can't seem to find the link for the one on the left, but I would be happy to send anyone the file. I'm currently trying to choose between the two and find some frames. We are also incorporating a bunch of M's vintage cameras into the wedding which I am super excited for.

Some other details I created include our table numbers. Each number represents a significant event in our lives together. The "love is brewing" sign is for our coffee bar. I'm in love with these! So fun!

I also tried my fair hand at making various garlands for the wedding. The first one here is a tissue paper garland. You can find a how-to HERE. I have mixed feelings about these right now. My colors are pale pastels, and this just screams Easter to me. Hopefully our decorator has some idea how to deal with these the day of. The second garland is a fabric garland and I am just in LOVE with it. I'm hoping it can find a nice home on our guestbook table and at our sweetheart table. You can find the tutorial for the fabric garland HERE.

I can't believe we are almost in the two-month countdown guys!!! I can't wait. Check out the details on our honeymoon HERE and on my first bridal shower HERE. Do you currently have any crafts up your sleeve?


  1. Everything looks so amazing. I know how time consuming those paper garlands are so way to go! I love the fabric garland, it's beautiful. Your wedding is going to be an amazing day, can't wait to follow on instagram!

  2. all of it is so beautiful!!! I'm about to die, waiting for your big day! Can't wait to see everything put together and meet your new hubby!!!!!!! YAY!

  3. Oh my gosh your fabric garland is AMAZING girl!!! And love how you did the table numbers...that is such a great idea!! Xx.

  4. Wow! I really love everything! I wish I could free hand stuff like that...I'd have to use a stencil. We wanted to do the advice cards but I ended up scratching some ideas because of time. I LOVE yours! And I love the garland too! AND the vintage cameras!!

  5. I really like your advice cards!! I bet they will be fun to read after the wedding!

  6. Ha! I just wrote about the same Instagram advise cards on my blog today! I love IG and this is such a cute way everyone knows how to tag the photos.


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