In the Word Tuesday: Breaking Free

 Hello friends, welcome to another In the Word Tuesday!

A while back, and bunch of Beth Moore's eBooks were free online. I grabbed quite a few for my nook but haven't had a chance to get too far into any of them. Recently, I have been reading through "Breaking Free: Discovering the Victory of Total Surrender." More generally, this book is about making our freedom in Christ an everyday reality. So far I am loving it.

While reading the other night, a few quotes really grabbed my attention and made me think. The first, "We glorify God to the degree that we externalize the internal existence of the living Christ," really made me think. I honestly think I read over this sentence ten times trying to fully comprehend its meaning. I'm still not sure I am totally understanding the depth of this statement, but if I can paraphrase, I think it is telling us that how well we glorify God is a direct result of how well we understand that we have ultimate freedom in Christ. This understanding should lead to an externalizing, or display if you will, of his glory.

I am constantly asking myself if I fully understand the freedom I have in Christ. Sometimes my faith is little, other times it is big. I have plenty of doubts. However, this statement made me realize that before I expect myself to constantly glorify Christ, I need to pray for a better understanding of the freedom I really do have in Him, because I know I do not have the wisdom to understand it on my own.

One obstacle to understanding my freedom is that I sometimes have unrealistic expectations for my relationship with Him. I expect to feel this connection with Him constantly, which I think will then leave a burning desire to bury myself in His word, and so on. However, as most of us know, that is not most people's day to day relationship with Him, and that is why we say we have faith. Beth Moore goes on to say that "As we spend time in the presence of God, His glory both transforms us and radiates from us." 

This hit me hard. I need to stop placing these expectations on God to create a burning desire in my heart. Instead, I need to spend more time in His presence so that I will then see Him show up more. I will see that burning desire flourish like a wildfire. What a concept. THIS is what will lead me to internalize my freedom in Christ, and to glorify Him externally.

What are your reactions to these quotes? Do you understand what it means to glorify God? Or are you struggling like I am? I would love for you to link up and share!
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  1. I needed to read this today. I had to read that sentence over and over as well just now :) I think your paraphrase is perfect...it's exactly what I was thinking about it. I'm with ya...I don't think I fully understand freedom in Christ...it's easy to say but so hard to grasp. By spending more time with Him though, I think we start to better understand it and like Beth Moore said, His glory radiates from us. I really really need to do a better job of spending time with Him daily. I'm so hard on myself though when I don't and He offers me grace.

    Love the photo editing with the quote and your flower photo btw! :)

  2. So good!! I love this book, I read it a long time ago when I was going through a really hard time and it helped me SO much!!! Love her writing.
    I really think the more time we spend talking to God the more we feel Him with us. We all go through highs and lows with this relationship but I find comfort in knowing that He is always there. Wonderful post, friend!!

  3. I also grabbed a bunch of her books when they were free, too! My church is doing Breaking Free this summer for the 20/30 year old women, but I am leaning towards the Keller study because I can't help how much I like his studies! (I'm new in town and to our church, so I am torn between the study for my age group to make friends and the study I really want to do).


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