In the Word Tuesday: Idols

As I have mentioned before, our church is working through the book of Acts. Recently we have been talking a lot about idols. Typically, when people think of idols, they think of this being in the form of worshiping other Gods. However, that is usually not the form of idolatry that many of us struggle with. Our pastor suggested that when thinking about what our idols might be, we should think about what we tend to talk about most, or think about before we go to sleep. Chances are, that is your idol.

In thinking about what my idols might be, what keeps me up at night and consumes my time, God has really been showing me how much I struggle with my pride and my achievements. I place so much of my worth in how well I do at things. I fear that if I fail at these things, it is somehow a measure or a reflection of my worth. As irrational as I know that is, I struggle with this constantly.

I also know, that sometimes God lets us have our idols, even if they aren't good for us. And I also know that he can quickly take those idols away. I fear that if I continue to let myself be so consumed by these idols, I will struggle with knowing who I am if those things are taken from me. I will struggle with my worth. What a realization. This is seriously breaking me. My worth is in Jesus, and Jesus alone. I cannot continue to let myself be defined by such temporary things.

This is not a new realization for me. I have been praying about my pride and idolatry for some time now. Amazingly enough, I have seen God work in this area of my life. I have noticed myself being less distressed when things do not go well at work. I am able to  sleep better at night now because I don't stay up thinking about all the things I have to accomplish the next day. I am easier to be around because I am not stressed out of my mind all the time. He is working in me, and I know it. However, I never want to stop being cognizant of what my idols might be, so that I can remind myself of His Truth, and pull myself out of that.

I want to get to the place where even if things I think are important in my life are removed, I will not be broken by it, because in the end I will ALWAYS have Jesus.

What are your idols? What keeps you up at night? How can I pray for you?

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  1. This was such an honest post Cassie, I love it. I'm going to start the Kelly Minter Bible Study, No Other Gods. It's about modern day idols. Let me know if you want to start with me!

  2. Praise God for the work He IS doing in you! So great :) That's encouraging to hear! Idols/worth are a toughy that I feel like I'm constantly having to evaluate in my life. Like you said, our worth is in Christ but I struggle with remembering that. I constantly put my worth in other things. I'd say my idol is wanting to be liked by others and being perfect. I know I can never be perfect and am not called to be (so thankful for grace) so I don't know why I deep down want to be. Thanks for being honest, Cassie! Your posts always convict me :)

  3. I am so glad to have "met" you :) Thank you for this post, for sharing your words and thoughts.. and such a sweet reminder that Jesus is the only one we need to turn our thoughts to. XO.


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