Ten Things I would Tell my Younger Self

I have seen many of these floating around the blogosphere and just could not help myself! So here are a few things I would tell my younger self if I had the chance.

1. You're worth so much more than that guy you think you really like makes you feel. Run away from him, far, far away. One day, you are going to meet the man that sees you for what you really are. Who makes you feel loved, special, and enough. Who doesn't manipulate you. Who is honest, humble, and kind. Seriously, get away NOW.

2. You are going to be great. Stop stressing about every little thing. You will get into a great college, graduate with a 4.00, complete half marathons and triathlons, make great friends, meet a great guy, and get into the graduate program of your dreams. Everything will work itself out.

3. Be a little nicer to your parents. Understand that they are doing the best they can, and that they are human. Trust them when give you advice and honest opinions, because they are usually right.

4. Stop comparing your insides to other people's outsides. Focus on your personal best and try to achieve that- forget the rest.

5. Invest more free time into your friends. Forget about the classwork, the training, and the other silly little things you think give you joy. Invest in more friendships, because those will become one of your most treasured things in your 20s.

6. Be more open-minded. I know you think you're the liberal, free love, open-minded chick, but be more open-minded. Be open to hearing about God's grace and salvation without being critical. This is a relationship that takes work, and you can never start too early, even though you won't want to.

7. Have a little more fun. Go out on that Tuesday in college BECAUSE YOU CAN. Classwork isn't as important as you think it is, and you will do great anyways. JUST DO IT. You will miss these times when your 80 hour graduate school weeks begin.

8. Say "no" more. You don't have to make all those commitments you thought were important. You don't have to do everything people want you to do. Set those boundaries girl!

9. Don't rush to grow up. College is the best. You will never be in such a place again. Enjoy the time where people expect you to be irrational, broke, and adventurous!

10. Don't dye your hair black.Seriously, just don't......


  1. I love these. I dyed my hair black too once or 4 times. Not a good look on me, but you look cute!

  2. Hahahahahahaa number 10. Sage advice ;)

  3. I love this! It makes me want to do one though I did something with the same idea called '30 Things to do Before You're 30'...all from experience :) I probably went out TOO much on Tuesdays in college :-p haha. Accounting drove me bonkers. And I agree with not rushing to grow up :)

  4. All of these are so true and things that I wish I had done. It's important to just chill out and enjoy life.


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