The Best of Series: Blog Posts

Today I am sharing some of my favorite posts floating around out there in the big 'ole blogosphere! I know this post might feel heavy for you, but I promise it is worth reading a least a few of these posts. You will see a lot of parallels with my "The Best of Series: Blogs" post. Thank you to everyone who contributed, unfortunately I was unable to get to everyone's suggestions because there were so many! Enjoy!

For a good laugh:
Getting Catfished via The Daily Tay
I Remember My First Tweet via Always Ashten

For a good cry:
A Story of Redemption via These Happy Times
Sharing Our Heartbreak via Bound by Love

For encouragement:
Sharing your Story via An Anchor for the Soul
Days of Discouragement (don't let the title fool you) via Kate and Kuby
The Wig Days via According to Laura Jean
How do to Give Your Soul a Hug? via All Things E

For help:

For inspiration:
Twenty Dollar Treasure via Living on Cloud Nine
Apartment Decor via Michaela Noelle Designs

For faith:
Idols via Bloom
Grace not Perfection via Life with the Leakeys
Why I Can't Say Love the Sinner / Hate the Sin Anymore via  Redemption Pictures
A Dirty Cross and Me via Clear Your Canvas

Just Because:

For pretty photos:
Our Wedding // The Details via Living on Cloud Nine

For your marriage/relationship:
Christ Centered Dating Relationships via Happy is a Choice

For conviction:
Modesty and Men via Milk + Crown


  1. You are the sweetest, thanks for sharing two of my posts!!!

  2. I LOVE this post...what a good idea for ALL moods! I'm definitely going to check a few of them out. Thanks, girl!!

  3. What a lovely post! I know what I'll be reading tonight! This is great.

    Thank you for including me! :-)


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