The Perfect WHITE (gasp) Summer Dress

 Hello friends, while I am away in VEGAS for my bachelorette and some sister bonding time before the wedding, I have some lovely ladies taking over the blog! Today, one of my favorite bloggers, Lauren, is here with you.

Hi everyone, I'm Lauren and I blog over at Bound by Love where I talk about anything and everything that crosses my mind. I'm so thankful for this blog world that brought Cassie and I together. Real friendships can develop from blogland, and I'm excited to have a friend in Cassie. I'm happy to be guest posting while Cassie is off on her bachelorette weekend!

By no means am I a fashion blogger but when Cassie asked me what to write about I found myself online shopping, so here is the result.

I didn't notice 'til a friend pointed out the other day that I've become obsessed with white dresses. With hot weather and beach days upon us here in Florida there's nothing I like more than a crisp white dress to show off my tan, or whatever little color I get (I wear lots of sunscreen!). I recently purchased the first two dresses below and am always keeping my eye out for pretty new additions for my closet. The great thing about Florida is that we don't really play by the typical rules of wearing white; not after Labor Day and not before Memorial Day. The only issue with buying an abundance of white dresses is that they are off limits to weddings. Seriously, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, just don't do it. There are so many fun things about white dresses though. You can really let your accessories shine with them as they'll add a POP of color to the outfit. You can always have fun with a bold lip, or add some color with a cardigan. And as someone that spills things easily these dresses can be fairly easy to clean since they're white, you just bleach away.

{And for the record I cropped my friends out of the picture, but I wanted to show you one of my favorite off white dresses. You can get it here}
1. LOFT 2. Asos 3. Dillard's
Do you have a favorite color to rock in the summer?
Would you wear any of these dresses I've picked out?

Lauren is one BRAVE lady. Since I have been wearing white a lot lately for wedding events, I have felt the wrath of the white. Literally. White can be so hard to wear but I just LOVE all of these suggestions. I wonder where Lauren was a few weekends ago when my mom and I visited nearly 30 stores looking for the perfect white rehearsal dinner dress... 


  1. Thanks love! Enjoy your time in Vegas!

  2. Love the dress you have on, Lauren!! I love white dresses now :) I used to be skeptical but you're so right...you can easily add pops of color. This summer I'm really loving coral/blue. I also been really attracted to mint/sage green :)

  3. I love the dress you're wearing the most! The belt looks great.

    Cassie, I hope you're enjoying your bachelorette!!!

  4. Thanks girl!!!! It was a blast

  5. My mom tried to convince me I didn't need too- but I figured why not embrace it while it's my one chance too! ;)


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