Bachelorette Weekend

Since I don't have time to put a real Wedding Wednesday post up, I figured I would share some of my favorite moments from my bachelorette weekend. I am not even going to pretend we took photos with a real camera, so sorry for the iPhone quality!

Stocking up on some cocktails and some fruit/Gatorade!

 The girls sent me on a scavenger hunt and I had to take various photos completing tasks. One task was to take a photo of me dancing with a security guard, this guy was a good sport.


 I made out pretty well I'd say. My friends rock!

On Saturday we had a cabana at the Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock. Such a fun time!

 Saturday night we rode the "High Roller" which is basically the London Eye in Vegas. It was so cool and totally worth it! Champagne at the top was the best part!

NC Belle in Boots


  1. So much fun!!!! You were absolutely beaming and beautiful!

  2. looks so fun! glad you had such a great time!

  3. How fun!!! I've been excited to see these photos! Your friends really did go all out!

    I've never been to Vegas but hope to go someday. You looked so beautiful the whole weekend!! I really love the white tank top and blue patterned skirt. Gorgeous! Love your fringe swimsuit too!

    Ok I keep forgetting to ask, what is your tattoo of? Or did I miss a post about it? It looks like stuff I saw in Thailand :)

  4. They took care of me all day! Thanks girl! Vegas is a blast- especially after you have a been a few times and figure out what you do a don't like!

    It's Ganesh :)

  5. SO fun! It looks like you had a blast! I've never been to Vegas, but it seems so fun, and what better than a bachelorette party!

  6. Thanks girl, it really was a ton of fun!

  7. So glad you had such a great weekend with your girls!!!! Looks like a blast! AH almost a bride!!!

  8. I love all the pictures!! Glad you had a good time!


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