God's Place in Marriage

Hi friends, today I have the sweet Kelli from A Deeper Joy here today sharing while I am in Vegas with my ladies. I know you will love her heart as much as I do!

When Cassie asked me to do a guest post for her, I was absolutely thrilled!  Her blog is one of my favorites!  She truly is an amazing woman with such a great heart and has so much knowledge to share.  I’ve learned so much from her!  When I think of Cassie, I think of two things – she is getting married SOON and that girl loves the Lord!

In light of her wedding coming up, I decided to write about marriage and the place that God has in it all. 

{Being on the same page as each other}

I got married in October 2013, but was best friends with my husband for 3 years before that.  We met in the young adult ministry in our church so our relationship was definitely founded on our mutual love of God, but both of our lives weren’t always like that before we met each other.  We had very different lives growing up, found God and decided what our personal beliefs were in different ways, but by the time we met, I’d say we were on the same page about faith.

I cannot tell you how important it is to be on the same page as your spouse!  The Bible says to be equally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14).  That verse is not specifically talking about marriage, but considering that it’s the most intimate relationship in your life, I think it most definitely applies to marriage.  You become one with that person and have to spend a whole lot of time with them.  If you have children together, you have to decide what you are going to teach them about faith.  It’s not impossible to be married to someone who believes differently than you, but think about how much stronger of a marriage you can have if you are on the same page.  You can be a mighty force for His Kingdom!

{Giving grace to each other}

I recently read a great post by Cassie at Living on Cloud Nine about how tough marriage can be at times, but how grateful she is for the grace that she and her husband give each other.  Jesus dying on the Cross for us is the ultimate picture of grace, right?  So with a marriage rooted in Christ, we should be able to give grace to our spouse.  I know that when an argument starts and you get all fired up, the last thing you want to do is think about giving grace to your spouse.  Honestly, I normally just want to be right!  And when I genuinely am right and he is wrong in a situation, I want to gloat.  But that’s exactly when we’re called to give grace to him or her.  Though he or she was wrong or wronged you, you are called to still love and forgive him or her.

Melanie Shankle says it well in her book “The Antelope in the Living Room” – “Forgiveness often says, I’ll let this slide, but I’m not really going to forget that it happened, whereas grace says, It’s over and it’s finished, even though you may not deserve it.

{Praying together}

This is a tough subject for a lot of couples!  Everyone has different feelings about praying with other people and that type of intimacy.  Some are very open to praying together from the beginning, while others never do it.  Here’s the deal – either way is okay!  You have to do what works for you and your spouse.

I have a friend who sits down with her husband each night on their bed and they pray together for their lives, friends, family, special situations, etc. I think this is awesome!  Honestly, I kind of expected something like this out of marriage.  But my marriage looks different than that and I've learned that it is 100% okay.  That just doesn’t work for me and my husband and I shouldn’t get down on myself about it.  Maybe you pray separately, maybe one of you prays out loud more than the other.  What matters is that you’re both honest about how you feel about praying.

{A firm foundation}

Have you and your spouse ever talked about the foundation of your marriage?  What brought you together?  What keeps you together?  What would still stand if you lost everything else?

Have you heard the story in Matthew 7 about the builder that built his house on the rock?  When the rain came and the winds blew, it did not fall because the foundation was a rock.  But the builder that built his house on the sand was foolish.  When the rains came and the winds blew, the house fell to the ground.

Your marriage is the same.  If it’s built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, it can withstand all of the hard times that will come your way – notice I said WILL come your way, not MAY come your way.  All marriages deal with junk – arguments, distance, illness, infidelity, loss, any variety of possible pain.  But if your marriage is rooted in your shared love of Christ, you will make it through together!


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to guest post while you're away, Cassie! Hope you're having an amazing time! :)

  2. AMEN! What a wonderful guest post.

  3. So sweet of you to mention my writing and blog!! Thanks, friend!
    Loved this post so much!!! Great job!

  4. Of course!! That post stuck in my mind :) I got a lot out of it!

  5. This is great post. While I am single and not married, I still think about these things. I have been in relationships in the past where my faith was a problem and I immediately left them. It is nice to hear these posts. I look up to you ladies and am learning from you! Thank you


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