July Goals

June was such an amazing month full of wedding festivities! July will hopefully be just as fun because it is my last full month on "break" from graduate school.

Let's recap June's goals:

1. Build a chicken coop (the raising chickens part will come after the wedding).
Well, my dad made us a chicken coop and it's pretty awesome! I was planning on having a backyard update on here today which didn't happen because I failed majorly at uploading the photos in the correct format and our internet takes FOREVER. So that will be another day! Anyways, this goal is complete!
2. Celebrate our wedding with a content and faithful heart.
I would say we knocked this one out of the park. Our wedding was absolutely everything I dreamed and I loved every second of it!
3. Have dessert before dinner at a restaurant. 
This is in the plans for this weekend! We can call it a celebration of a week of marriage?
4. Be social media free for an entire day.
Again, this is happening TOMORROW!
5. Memorize a bible verse for realz this time. 
YA'LL I successfully did this! I memorized 1 Corinthians 31: 10- So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. IT'S A MIRACLE!

SO for July, my goals are as follows:

1. Read 2 books.
2. Have a bonfire party in the backyard (it's gonna be a hot one so we will see how this goes).
3. Since we already wrote vows, I'm in the process of getting them framed!
4. Visit Brie and Beau in Louisville (we are going for the Fourth!). 
5. Learn how to tie a tie.

What are your goals for July? Any fun plans for the Fourth?


  1. A chicken coop!!? How AWESOME!! I am so happy you are able to say your wedding day was everything you ever hoped it would be..that makes me so happy for you two!!!!!

  2. Haha yep, chickens here we come!! It's deigned to look like a carriage, it's pretty cool! Thank you :)

  3. I can't wait to see how you frame your vows!!!! I forgot to tell you that Peter and I loved the words that you and Matt shared during your ceremony. They were so sweet, honest and funny, just like you two!! We weren't that brave when it came to our vows! ;)

  4. Oh that's so sweet, thank you! I was nervous. Mine was supposed to start with a joke but I was too nervous and knew I wouldn't be funny so I skipped it hahaha

  5. So.. can I get an invite to the backyard bonfire ;) I should probably learn how to tie a tie too haha. FUN! I will be spending the 4th in Mexico with my love and I can't wait! I'm excited because we'll be completely disconnected, no phones or social media for 4 days straight!

  6. Mexico!!! SO FUN! Have a blast!

  7. Those are fun goals! Framing your vows is such a beautiful idea! Have you picked a frame?

  8. Thanks! We are working on getting them calligraphed and after I will pick a frame!

  9. Good job memorizing a verse! Haha...I was totally about to say what Mia did...I want to come to your bonfire :-p Love that you're framing your vows. We didn't write our own and that's one thing I regret. Oh well. Hope you've had a great weekend, Cassie!

  10. Well you are all invited! Haha! Why do you regret not writing your own?! I think traditional vows can be special too! I plan to share mine on here when it's done! Hope you have had a great one as well!

  11. I did like our traditional ones, but I think personally written ones can be so special and you'll remember them forever. I'm a sentimental person for sure but in public, I freeze up and get nervous so I was nervous to read them out loud. I wrote him a letter that day instead. I know it's dumb because they were friends and family but I hated all eyes being on me just when I walked down the aisle. :-p Haha. I could never be a public speaker!


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