June Goals

This is going to be a BIG month for me guys because IT'S WEDDING MONTH!!!!! Before I dive into June's goals, let's talk May goals. And yes I am on vacation, thank God for scheduled posts! I hope you all have been enjoying my guests while I have been gone. There's still more to come!

The following were my goals for May:

1. Send out 10 letters snail mail style.
Guys, I completely failed at this one. I did send out a ton of snail mail, but the wedding has burnt me out on snail mail for the time being!

2. Have someone over for a meal.
We had a Memorial Day BBQ and had about 12 people over so I would say this one was successfully completed for the month!

3. Continue reading my chronological study and journal through it. 
I have been doing this, although inconsistently. I want to work through it at my own pace though, so I don't get burnt out. I have been going through the "No Other Gods" Study I have mentioned, and following along with our weekly readings at church. 

4. Memorize a Bible verse.
Fail. Y'all I am just awful at memorizing things.

5. Mow the grass (you're allowed to laugh at me, this allergy girl doesn't do grass)
DONE! This was interesting, but I did it. M can vouch for me. 

6. Read 2 books.
I'm working through two currently, and hoping to finish them while gone on my Vegas trip!

Now, for June's Goals:

1. Build a chicken coop (the raising chickens part will come after the wedding).
2. Celebrate our wedding with a content and faithful heart.
3. Have dessert before dinner at a restaurant. 
4. Be social media free for an entire day.
5. Memorize a bible verse for realz this time.    
What are your goals for this upcoming month?! 


  1. woohoo for chickens!!! :)
    Can't wait for the big day! SO SOOOOOOON!!

  2. Memorization is so not my thing either! I wish I was one of those people who could quote Scripture anytime, any day but my memory is terrible.

    Woo hoo!!! It's wedding month!!!!!

    Hope you're having fun in Vegas!!!


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