Living Your Happily Ever After

Hello all, my name is Cassie and I’m friends with Cassie. I don’t mean to confuse you even though it can be a little confusing. I blog over on Cloud Nine and was so happy that Cassie invited me to share a little bit during her BIG week!

For the past almost nine months I have been a wife. I know I have a lot to learn about such an important role but I like to think that I've learned a lot in the short time that I've been a Mrs. and I’m so excited to share some of that wisdom here today. Below are a few of the things that I believe every marriage needs to make the journey to happily ever after a lot less bumpy.

GRACE // So, I've been living with a man for almost nine months now. A man that sheds hair, leaves crumbs on the counter, dishes by the sink (when the dishwasher is empty) & loves me better than I ever thought possible. Out of all those, uh… qualities, which one means the most to me? The love. I can sweep up hair, brush off crumbs and load a dishwasher without feeling resentment because I feel loved. Trust me, I know I have my faults! I leave nail polish all over the place, a pile of shoes in the kitchen, and I almost always forget to defrost the chicken before dinner but I love that man to the core. It all comes down to love and grace but the sweetest thing of all is knowing where the ultimate love and grace comes from. The Creator of grace gives us the opportunity every day to mirror that love and grace for our spouse. When you stop to think about that before you say what pops in your head, you have a chance to love well and show grace willingly.

FOUNDATION // We are just two imperfect sinners living life together, but we know that our hearts don’t belong to one another. They belong to Him. He molded us and made us who we are, all the messy qualities and the wonderful ones, all of that is by His hands. Then He winded our paths together and made us one. We said our vows and made our promises but we did that founded in Him. We promised each other to never stop learning to be a better husband and wife to each other but the only way we can keep that promise is to stay founded in Him. That foundation is the most critical part of a marriage because it will never break. He will never crumble, let us down or lead us into darkness. We know that any struggle we have is given by Him and as long as we turn to Him with it, we can find a way through it.

SELFLESS // Probably the hardest part of marriage is learning how to be selfless. I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that I just turned to my husband and asked him what was the one thing he has learned in the past nine months and he said “if you are both selfless then marriage can be a lot happier than what the world makes you think it will be.”, and that pretty much sums it up. Making someone else happy always makes you feel happy, right? Making your spouse feel important and using their specific love language to speak into them selflessly makes all the difference. I’m not saying it is easy… it is work, probably the hardest work of marriage but when it is done well it is so good. 

Marriage is a journey. I know that I have a long way to go in this journey but the past nine months have been the craziest journey I've ever been on. Every journey has its ups and downs but it's all the little moments along the way that make the difference. 

Cheers to Matt & Cassie and to the beginning of their journey!! I can't wait to see where it will take you two and I'm crossing my fingers it will lead you a lot closer to Greenville, SC! ;) 


  1. Thanks for the invite!! :) Loved writing this for your blog.

  2. So true! Great post, Cassie! Being married makes you realize just how selfish you really are...and learning how to be selfless can be hard. Admire your marriage!

    And yay other Cassie! I can't believe it's the week of!

  3. This will probably sound so wrong of me, but my husband is very selfish. Even after nearly 3 years of being married, he is very consumed with himself, whereas I am very selfless. It's a tough lesson, but very necessary!


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