Oslo, Norway: Holmenkollen, Vigeland Park, & Reptilpark

If you missed part one of my Oslo trip, you can read about it HERE

During our other days in Oslo, we also packed just as much in. The weather was FREEZING so we tried to stay inside most of the time (not to mention it was dark by 4:30pm), with the exception of visiting the Holmenkollen ski jump, which is accessible by about a 30 minute metro ride. This may have been my favorite part of Oslo. Although it was a pretty good hike to the top, and it was foggy, once the sun came out a bit the views were amazing. There was even a little bit of snow on the ground (this was in early November, 2013). Below is not my photo, but this is what it looks like on a clear day. Again, most of these are iPhone photos so the quality is dire. 


After we hiked back down the ski jump, we took the metro to the end of the line to go exploring in the forest a bit. We found a little restaurant tucked away in the trees and enjoyed some apple pie and hot chocolate.

Another one of the places we visited while in Oslo was Vigeland Park. This park is the world's largest sculpture park made by a single artist, and is one of Norway's most popular tourist attractions.There are more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron. Some of them are quite strange, so of course we took the opportunity to post awkwardly with them when we could.


One of the final places we visited was the Reptilpark (Reptile Park). We kind of just walked in on a whim because our Oslo Pass (mentioned HERE) gave us free admission. It was so cool and we were able to get up close and personal with many animals! A great family place!

Oslo was such a joy. I really look forward to returning when the weather is nicer and seeing more of Norway!


  1. HAHAHA We thought we were pretty funny. Glad you think they aren't horrible. I think we were there for maybe 4 days or so? We did quite a bit while we were there!

  2. The animals are so adorable! I'm a snake lover, and reptile lover for that matter. I'm loving all these pictures, and those sculptures, too funny!

  3. Ooooh you would have loved it then! We had a little too much fun with the sculptures hahaha


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