Oslo, Norway: Bygdoy & the Opera House

While I was studying abroad in Scotland a few friends of mine accompanied me to Oslo. We chose Norway because it was cheap to fly there. However, after booking the trip we realized the Torp airport was about an hour and 45 minutes by bus. Luckily it was affordable (considering Oslo is one of the most expensive places to visit). You'll have to excuse the iPhone quality photos- a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. It was one of my favorite places we went, however it was SO cold when we went in November (2012). I would love to go back in the summer and hike when it's warm.

While in Oslo, we got the two day Oslo pass. This pass gives you access to more than 30 museums, public transportation, and other discounts around the city. It was totally worth it. We used our pass to travel to the peninsula of Bygdoy. Here we saw the Kon-Tiki museum, the Holocaust Center, and the Viking Ship Museum.

All of these museums are very small, which is nice if you have a hard time spending significant amounts of time in m0useums. Although they are small, the prices are similar to what you would pay for admission to a very large museum, so this is where the pass comes in handy.

Another one of my favorite attractions in the city was the Opera House.  It was right on the coast and you could walk up to the top and look over the city and the incoming cruise ships and ferries.

How beautiful is it?! This is only the first of many Oslo posts, so stay tuned for even more!

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  1. That is beautiful. I still am totally jealous that you went to Scotland. It's the only place I ever want to visit. I love hearing about your travels!

  2. Scotland is amazing! I miss it so much. You can count on many more travel posts in the future!

  3. Thanks a lot... now I have another place added to my list of places I MUST VISIT!

  4. Oh anytime girl, more on Oslo coming tomorrow!

  5. I love LOVE Norway! I flew into Oslo but jumped on a train just north for wedding festivities. I would love to go back and see it all!

  6. How cool! It's such an amazing place!

  7. You're the best! It was amazing- but go when it's warm! haha


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