Summer Book List

Since I have a [sort of] break from graduate school over the summer, I have been trying to do a lot more reading. Since my "break" started I have finished "Inviting God to your Wedding" (a second time), and "Love & Respect." I'm also hoping to get a lot of reading in while we lay on the beach on our HONEYMOON!

The following is my running list of books to [hopefully] read this summer; trying not to get overly ambitious here:

"The Fault in Our Stars"
You know, I have heard such mixed reviews about this book but after reading Chelsea's post about it I think I am ABSOLUTELY going to go for it. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and she said reading it actually made her feel optimistic about her situation. If that doesn't make you want to tear up I don't know what will. 

"Bread and Wine"
I'm not sure this is at the top of my list, but I have read such great things about this book that I'm curious to see what it's all about. I pretty much love food and wine, so that's convincing. However, bread is not my friend (gluten free problems) so this could end badly for me...

"Plain Truth"
Jodi Picoult is my guilty pleasure. I have not read one book by her that I did not like. 

"Packing Light"
I found this book via Amber's Goodreads page. It's all about learning to live with less baggage, especially in our 20s.

Come along with me via Goodreads! What are your favorite reads lately?


  1. Great list! I haven't read any of these but keep hearing about most of them. I'm reading Gone Girl but am only one chapter in. Have you read it?

  2. I haven't yet but I've heard good things about it. It's on my goodreads "to read" list!

  3. Sounds like a great summer! I don't think I can read The Fault in Our Stars...I'm not sure yet. I am currently reading The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult and it is great. Have you read this one?

  4. Oh gosh. The Fault In Our Stars...read it! It will wreck your world in the best of ways.

    I've heard great things about Bread and Wine, too! It's definitely on my list, along with The Joy of Simplicity and The Nesting Place!

  5. Yeah I have read like all of her books, didn't love that one but it was still good

  6. You know.. I didn't love it. It was good but not sure I loved it. I'll have to check those last two out, thanks for the suggestions!

  7. That's alright...different strokes for different folks, right??

    You're welcome! I'd love to read a review on them when you're done reading them!

  8. Great, I would love to post one! I'll let you know when I'm done! :)


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